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megleigh11(7)February 1, 2010

This is my first time growing peonies. I bought the roots this month, and planned on planting them in the spring. I then read online that peonies are best planted in the fall. Should I wait to plant them? If so, how should I store the roots? They are the Sorbet and Sandra Bernhardt varieties.

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Go ahead and plant now. In a normal year your spring should be starting now. You could put in large pots and carry to fall but in your area of the South fungi could become a problem with potted peonies.

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Thanks maifleur!

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I have eight bare roots planted in one gallon pots about a week ago. They will be planted in the fall as container grown plant much stronger than the bare rooted division I just planted. Al

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A thing to think of when potting is what is your climate like. If it is very humid from what I have seen there is a tendency for potted peonies to develop various fungi both in the potting material and the crown area. Hence my suggestion.

Do any of the posters on here have experience with potting peonies in the Deep South? If so comments?

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