What is the best source for peonies?

womanhead(5a)February 9, 2008

Hi, I am an admitted peony addict! I love them and actually have time and space needed to get started on growing some. Where/ who is the best place to get them? Thanks Much, Lauren

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Lauren, please don't feel like we are ignoring you. But you have asked a question that is impossible to answer! My top favorite is hollingsworthpeonies.com and I've been happy with gilberthwild.com But other than the Chinese peony Gold Dotted Red Butterfly (supposed to be a densely fragrant single red, which waited four years to bloom and turned out to be an unspectacular double pink) I've never been disappointed in any of the peonies I've ordered or any of the many places I've ordered from.

However, if I pay I low price, I'm not unhappy to receive a small plant. Anticipation is part of the fun for me. Not everyone feels that way.

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I got mine at the northwest garden show, the tree peonies are very healthy reasonably priced, I was very pleased. the company's website is truepeony.com.

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Hi I'm a new poster & love peonies but have had afew problems with things purchased on the net.I've been doing alot of researching & have decided I want a Bartzilla peony.Question is where is the best place for someone starting out to purchase. We live in Zone 6. I heard garden treasures is just as nice but can't afford to get both. I'd like some input please. Has anyone ever ordered from Adelman Peony Gardens in Salem Oregon? I would like to know if their roots are what they say they are. I went as far as to order in Russia last year & was very disappointed. Today is St Pat's Day & I see a few eyes coming through the ground. I love fishing, but I decided to stick to gardening , since the price of gas is off the wall. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Adelman's herbaceous roots are large. I do not remember the size of their intersectional divisions. But most intersectionals are divided into smaller divisions because with a little care the plants can become huge in 2-3 years.

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Hi maifleur,
Thanks for the input; I didn't know that about the sectional divisions. Adelman does have a very nice selection in their catalog. I just rec'd one last wk.
Late last spring,I sent to Russia for some peony roots. Unfortunately, they were very small, but thought it too much red tape to return.They are just starting to break ground; I can only hope for the best.Thanks again.

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Many of the peonies sent from Russia and the Baltic reasons seem to be more vigorus than ones grown in milder climates. Your small divisions will probably catch up and may surpass the rest of your peonies.

Curious where in Russia did you purchase your plants. My husband does have a friend that is from the old union and could translate for me.

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There's an old saying, "peonies sleep the 1st yr,creep the 2nd yr & leap the 3rd yr". Maybe I'm jumping the gun. I checked my peonies this AM & there's more eyes breaking ground.Will keep you informed how they're coming along.
As to where I ordered those 15 roots, they were from Panevezys, Lithuania; the name of the grower is Gintas Malisaukas.Web site is peonynursery.com.
PS Happy Easter

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Since I have extremely limited funds, and wanted a LOT of peonies, I've bought the majority of my peony roots from Sam's Club. I potted them in spring and planted in the fall, and many bloomed a few blooms the following spring!
I didn't appreciate the size of the roots until I purchased some online from well-known nurseries, and was shocked that their roots were half the size of Sam's! So far the Sam's roots have been true to name, but I have had iris from there that were not, so it's a gamble.
Also, last fall I ordered Dancing Butterflies from Jung Seed online for $8.95, and in a week they sent me the healthiest, biggest root with 5 huge eyes and many smaller ones! It's growing great this spring and I believe I'll have several blooms. Jung Seed has a very uneven record according to the Garden Watchdog website, so it's buyer beware. I think purchasing in the fall, not during the super-super-busy spring & summer rush time, may have helped me get better service & plants than some folks have experienced with Jung.

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)


I have purchased from Lithuania also. I purchased a number of plants back in fall 2002 and those were very large divisions delivered relatively quickly, however there have been several people who have commented that his divisions are much smaller now. Perhaps the cost of shipping caught up with him. He sells several old cultivars that generally dont seem to be available in the US.

Since 9-11 importing has become a real pain. I imported two shipments last fall. One shipment was very large from China, the other very small from Germany, and after dealing with customs and the post office I don't have any desire to import again.


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Hi Leon,
My peonies are just breaking ground. The majority were planted in June of 2007.I guess I can't expect flowers to next spring.Thank goodness we have some peonies that were planted yrs ago but I don't know their names. I rec'd a catolog today from Gilbert H Wild & Son; they will ship in the Fall, which is probably good. Went to Home Depot last wk to get some fertilizer for the lawn & I noticed they had many peonies fo sale quite reason.
Ps our trout season opens on Saturday but the way the gas prices are, I think I'll buy a couple of good peony roots.
Keep in touch!
Bob (Troutman)

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Jung Nursery and Gilbert H Wild & Sons are great. They send huge tubers with 3-5 eyes. Here's a pic of my very first peony, 'Edulis Superba' - purchased over 5 years ago from Jung Nursery (click to enlarge):

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ywilliam(z2/3 AK)

Reathsnursery.com has some gigantic one too! Songsparrow.com has some great ones too but is rather expensive... especially for northern or Alaskan growers as far as shipping.

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ywilliam(z2/3 AK)

I found this terrific nursery on the web that sends "Monster" peony divisions when you order from them. Their motto is to "make an instant impact in your garden", rather than wait 2 or 3 years to see a bloom. They are Scott and Elizabeth Reath of Reath's Nursery at www.reathsnursery.com. The contact is 906.563.9777. In fact, Scott's father, David Reath, hybridized one of a few, the very rare" Lemon Chiffon" before he died in 1995. And, itÂs gorgeous!Their peonies are true to its name.
I swear to you, the roots are as if they sent the entire plant to you! There's 3 different sizes and prices to choose from for each peony named. I ordered a few peonies just this past Monday via fax 10/24, and I received them today (this Wednesday evening 10/26 in Alaska) on my door step by UPS. Now that's service!! They even ship through November until "their" ground freezes! How can you beat that!

I only wish I'd found them 4 years ago! I can assure you all that their services and divisions are certainly worth any money spent!!!!!! Please check out the website guys!

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olgaflowers(8 - DFW)

I just ordered their catalog,
another peony addict !

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ywilliam(z2/3 AK)

I assure that you won't be disappointed "divisions" wise,but some of them can be a little on the pricey side but; if its beautiful.....to me its priceless. Talk about addict, shamelessly I have about 70 or more. My hubby doesn't think its funny anymore :)(smile).

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Thanks so much to everyone for all the sites and sellers! I am shopping away and very excited about planting soon. I am addicted to peonies.....Lauren

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Although you are in Northern Indiana there is a peony club in Indiana and they do have sales.

Address is


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jannie(z7 LI NY)

I bought peonies from White Flower farm in Connecticut, They didn't do well the first year, I'm now on the second year and they appear to be much better this year, four out of six plants came up and are already about six inches tall!

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