Article about Development of Itoh Peonies

KarenPA_6bFebruary 18, 2014
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Yes, I've read this article before. The first thing popped into my mind is that this is a small step in the whole scheme of things. Unlike roses, peony can only produce flowers annually.

So, if you are amazed at a couple of generations in mutating peonies in America, take a look at what nature has produced in China in thousands of years. Peony (tree) is China's unofficial plant. Here are some pictures of the 2014 Chinese peony festival:

Joe Rock introduced a species of peony trees from China in the 1920s. This type of plant has 10 times the fragrance of a peony. Only now it becomes a hot item in north Amerian. Because of the popular demand, one Canadian nursery supplier is offering the "Rockii" peony trees. He doesn't know the colour of the plants. His only interest is to make a profit selling each plant at $55 each.

Google a search on Chinese peonies and you will find Chinese peonies with all sorts of different colours like green, blue and black (very dark red) peonies. In fact, peony seeds from China are selling on EBay at dirt cheap prices.

Want to get rich in America? Mutate new plants from these Chinese peony seeds!!

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