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gldno1November 29, 2012

I guess this is off topic of gardening but I wanted to share.
When we went to get our new puppy we wound up in the backwoods east of Buffalo and I spotted this outside the truck window. It was hard to get because the sun was hitting the camera viewer,DH was driving along, I had the new puppy in my lap and began yelling stop! stop! He couldn't even spot it for a while. It sure is camouflaged well.

I believe it is a Great Barred Owl, the only owl with dark,not yellow eyes. From Wildlife

This is a better size to see the coloring on the back.

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I've only seen an owl in the daytime a couple times in my whole life. What a treat! especially to get a photo.
Tell us about your new puppy. : )

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Great picture! more on the Puppy? I thought perhaps the brat here had discouraged you, must say she is trying hard to be better.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

It looks big. Good job spotting it. I hear owls here but don't see them. I do see a very big hawk or eagle of some kind sometimes in a tree way down the valley. I am not as good as you about getting a picture or identifying. I want to hear about all the puppies. Ceresone I want to hear about the brat and what it does that might discourage Glenda from getting a puppy. I want PICTURES. Puppies are fun. Puppy antics are interesting to me and this forum has been slow so why not?

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Helen, you missed someone dumping 3 mini-Pins on me a few weeks after my Husband died. Caught me at a low point, I guess. I took the smallest one into the house, and she's been a PROBLEM!
She has torn up 3 king sized sheets--she swallows everything before you can grab it--I've managed to rescue a nail once!
This is the only breed of dog I have never liked-but the little Rascal(her name) is trying hard to be aguard dog-and her goal in life is to be beside me.
The other two have probably put on close to 10# each, and ears have came up.More expenses than I needed, BUT...

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I was wondering who the brat was too. I had forgotten about your min-pins Ceresone. Rascal sounds challenging. I'm sure she already had those bad habits when she was dumped and it will be hard to work them out. Hope she gets better over time. Don't you wish you could explain to her how lucky she is to be rescued! She should appreciate you more.

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Ceresone, reading about your Rascal on facebook almost kept me from getting another dog! We were both missing having a dog. Our Biscuit died this summer. His skin problems and his digging was another thing that made us hesitate.

But...........I saw these puppies on Craigs List. They were about a month younger when I first saw them....listed as part Great Pyrenees, Boxer and ???. We saw the Grandmother, and the mother and father of our puppy. The mother looked exactly like "Sugar"(ours) and the father had the long hair of the Pyrenees but was colored more like a Collie. They were the friendliest dogs ever; never barked at us and came up wanting to be petted. The only one that took off up the holler (it was a pretty isolated place east of Buffalo)was the male puppy so that ruled it out. DH liked this one because he felt sure it would be a short hair and look exactly like the mother dog.

The minute I saw the grandmother dog, I said she is part Pit Bull. The owner lady said, thank you! She thought the same but her vet called it a Boxer mix. It was a stray that had wandered up to their place and got bred by their purebred Gr. Pyr. This puppy is out of a female from that litter. My vet agreed with both of us. He says due to the dark pigment of the roof of her mouth which is Pit and her extra set of unattached dew claws on her rear legs which is found only on Gr. Pyrs. So far she is a sweetheart and lets us know when she needs to go out. Of course, now she doesn't want to come back in quickly....using treats trying to train her to that. She loves chasing all the cats and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything including the cows. She also has chewed the corners of my table by my reading chair in the kitchen and chewed the rug under my chair....you have to take the bad with the good.

I just snapped these pictures of her. She weighs 22 lbs now and will probably mature at 55 to 60 lbs which is smaller than our other dog. John (vet) says she will be the best dog we have ever owned and easily trained. I hope he is right. I can just hold my hand up flat and say no softly and she won't come into the dining room. So far she is living in the kitchen and the back porch.

I just took a couple of pictures: From sugar

Zoomed a little too much with this one. Her eyes are dark brown. From sugar
and this is her with some of the cats,

Note: I think if you double click on the photos it will go to the Picasa album ... there might be 1 or 2 more pictures there..........

OK, I will stop now. We are both acting a little silly about this puppy. DH came home from the store the other day with a bag full of toys for her; her favorite is an old house slipper of mine!

We have just had her about a week.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I hope the cats get their bluff in. That looks like a nice dog. I never bought my dogs toys because they seem to find things they like that are free like milk jugs and sticks but I think they need something to chew on. That looks like a shoe chewer to me. Just don't leave your remote control or expensive Sonicare toothbrush on a low table. They are fun when they are young. I will have to look up Great Pyrenees.

Ceresone I remember that someone dumped dogs on you and that the one in the house was playing tricks, but I don't think I got the three sheets torn up message. I am pretty tolerant because I enjoy my pets so much. I laugh at Honey every day. Beau is mature but he is a pretty good boy and somehow I feel like Beau is protecting the place. At least they bark at anything strange. Thanks for the stories and pictures.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Glenda, She's adorable! I guess the difference here, is that I didnt have a choice, didnt want a dog--and have never liked Mini-Pins.
My sweet cat gets roughed up all the time, I watched the dog and cat sit and slap at each other for 5 minutes the other day-no claws showing. The other cat will sucker her into chasing her--till she can attack her!
But--she;s trying, and lets me know if there is something going on that shouldnt be.
I like it that your husband is spoiling your pup, too.

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That's a good looking dog Glenda. Pretty color. I like how she's bowing down to your cats already. : ) Looks like she's being playful with them rather than agressive. She's going to have a good temperment.

Ceresone - Sounds like Rascal is providing lots of entertainment for you. lol Life would be boring without pets.
We have a mean cat. He gets along ok with one dog but not the other. They've never actually gotten into a real fight but I'm afraid they will someday. I've warned the dog (Chloe) that she'll be the one that loses if they get into it.
The cat (Gizmo) was dumped and just about too big to tame by the time we decided to keep him. He was the unhealthy runt and last one left after we had given the rest of the litter away so he was ours by default. He has bitten me a few times hard enough to have blood running down my leg. It's the only cat I've ever had that would actually chase you and attack like that. I thought it was hopeless but it's been several months now since he's bitten. He has finally warmed up to me and will sit on my lap and purr. It took more than two years to accomplish that. I'm still afraid to turn my back on him though.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Christie you are soft hearted. I put up with all sorts of things from animals and still love them. Biting is not something I would put up with from a cat especially if it attacked. It is different if you are trying to corner the animal or something scares it. I am afraid you will get a disease from that cat. Cat bites can be very germy. Really think about the danger. I have had a cat that would nip but not bite hard on the back of my leg. I think I looked it up on the web and found that it is common, but it is not a hostile thing. I would trade that cat for a nice kitten that needs a home to ease my conscience for getting rid of the biter.

Glenda you will have lots of fun watching that dog grow up. I would like to rub its tummy. I looked up Great Pyrenees. I see why your husband wanted a short haired dog - Too many stickers here.

Ceresone I get it that you didn't get to choose the dogs. They are good companions though. My little Spanky cat who is a little ball of fluff rubs on Honey then when he sniffs, she slaps him in the face. It is so funny because nothing else scars him. The other night the cat got in his bed with him and you should have seen the look on his face.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

I have never liked Cats, I'm a dog person, but one cat adopted my Husband, and then, I kept a stray because of her georgeous green eyes.
I should have been listening to my cats, because I kept having weak spells, my cat would get on my chest, stare into my eyes and purr while kneading a rythum(?) on me--finally found out my heartbeat has gone crazy, and bless her heart, I know she was trying to restore it to normal!!
What would we do without our animals? Lets see--no going out in snow and ice to feed-but then-We think of the benefits!

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