jer-z-girlJune 21, 2010

We have been living in this house for almonst 7yrs and NOW . . .My husband finds a passion flower vine in the back of our feild. We were thinking about moving it to a trellis some where near the house. Just was wondering about transplanting it. Like when is the best time and should would find a spot where it will get alot of sun, because where it is, it does. Any information on the steps we should take would be great.


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pshawn(9B, California)

It depends. What kind of passion vine is it? Pics?

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The vine is very likely P. incarnata. The best time to transplant is spring before the shoots come up, but now will also work if you keep it watered well. Dig up a shoot with at least one 6 inch or longer root (more is better) and cut the vine back to a foot or two tall. Be sure and plant it in a place where you can keep it contained by mowing, or it will spread and try to take over your yard.

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