What do you plant w/ your peonies?

lauraestricklerFebruary 19, 2012

I've just ordered a slew of peonies to fill in a practically empty bed at our new house (a few boxwood along the back). I'm having trouble deciding what to plant along with the peonies (mostly pink). What do you enjoy planting alongside your peonies?

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I have Siberian iris with my peonies. They bloom together and the difference in foliage and flower is attractive. Al

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I also like Siberian iris and peony combination. The photo is of a relatively new bed with Super Ego iris and Cythera peonies.

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I have lots of tulips, crocus, and irises in the same raised bed as my peonies. Just behind the raised bed are two rose bushes, one white and one pink. I'm not sure of the varieties of any of them. It sounds like a strange mixture of plants - and it is - but I have blooms from February through October all in the same spot!

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hmacflower(Z4 Ont.)

What a beautiful pic jocl! I also like to plant a variety
of perennials with my peonies, to have blooms all season,
primula, heuchera,iris, daylilies,and variegated plants like brunnera "Jack frost" and polemonium "Stairway to Heaven"and asters for the fall.

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I'm planting a miniature yellow rose in my peony bed.
Hope they're happy together.
( :

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

I have a peony hedge in my yard, and planted crocus and early daffodils to mark the spots where the peony shoots will appear in the spring - keeps me from stomping them! I also planted balloon flowers between them last year, but they need to get established before I call it a good decision. Next year, more daffodils.

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