Crossing Sunburst...

Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))June 1, 2008

Has anyone out there had any luck breeding Sunburst with anything? I've tried various decalobas.. But I can't seem to get anything to 'take'.

Perhaps Sunburst is sterile? Anyone know for sure?

I did finally find a Mexicana.. ^_^

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There is a hybrid with Sunburst as the father. It's called P. ÂMoonburst (P. trifasciata à P. ÂSunburstÂ) and it was made by P. Worley and R. McCain.

If Sunburst pollen has been used to make hybrids, then it should be much easier to use it as the female parent.

Mexicana looks a lot like the parents of Sunburst, and it might be a really good choice to use, if its flowering for you.

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I've never tried hand pollinating my Sunburst. I do get loads of small fruits but they are always empty. I'm not even sure what I have that I could use to try pollinating it.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

My biggest problem now is getting two to bloom at the same time. my caerulea is usually dependable but it won't work with any of my decalobas.

I've high hopes this summer however as I've managed to gather a couple uncommon ones- hopefully I'll get 2 to pop at the same time & i'll be able to play matchmaker. Sanguinolenta & citrina might be exciting.. And mexicana + quinquangularis or capsularis? Hmmm... Don't know if sunburst + mexicana will do amything spectacular, but maybe I'll have a chance to see.
In a couple years that is when any seeds I get from a cross now start to bloom. if I can keep the kids alove for that long.

Fingers crossed.

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