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nash777February 16, 2014

I have a two year old dark maroon tree peony variety with a light spicy fragrance, have lost the tag so am not sure of the the specific variety. It had suckers from base last year. Think it must be from rootstalk because they bloomed but with strange, small greenish flowers after the main stalk bloomed. My dog jumped over the container and snapped the entire single woody stem off to the base. It now has shoots starting, wondering if I will still get my big 'black' flowers or if it will all be rootstock stems. Not sure how high the graft generally is. I am obviously planning on waiting to see what it does this year but thought you might have an opinion on this situation. I will keep the plant in either case and will be patient if it will come back. They are expensive plants and this is my favorite, so are worth waiting for. However, if it will not be the 'black' flowers I will try to acquire a replacement soon while they are available at my local nursery

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TP leaves and herbaceous rootstock leaves will not look the same. Trim off suckers as soon as they start to grow at ground level and mound more soil around the TP or replant it deeper. Yes, it will grow back but you must be patient. Allowing the rootstock to grow can/will damage/kill the TP and it's root development.

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It is my practice when planting a tree peony from a container to plant it 6 inches deeper than it was in the container. This keeps the rootstock from growing stems that compete with the graft for energy. Al

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