Opinions on these Cultivars Please

kevin_5(z5)February 28, 2006

Brother Chuck

Coral Sunset

Do Tell

Pink Hawaiian Coral



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I have Do Tell and think it's quite nice. I plan on adding a couple of the Coral's this year. :)

IA Z5a

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Cybersunday(z5 ca)

I too have Do Tell and presently trying to find Pink Hawaian Coral of decent size at a reasonable price. They are terribly expensive even for the misleading "generous" two to three eyes root.

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)


Sorry to say I will not help you much on several of the cultivars. I do grow Do Tell and Coral Sunset. Like the others that have answered Do Tell is nice. The plant seems to be a smaller size. Coral Sunset is my favorite of the Corals that I grow. The flowers open quite pink and change by the end of the first day to coral. Then pale throught the next few days to finally a rather light cream. You can have flowers at different stages which gives a look of assorted colors on the same bush. It really is a nice statement in the garden.

I have seen Pink Hawaiian Coral and I thought that I was seeing Coral Sunset. I dont think that Pink Hawaiian Coral pales as much before the flower is finished. I don't know if they bloom at the same time. If they do I doubt that you would want both.

Appearantly there are two different cultivars named Senorita out there. I assume you are talking about the latest one from Klehm's.

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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

It seems "Do Tell" is very popular! I grow it also and it is very nice. It's a lovely pale pink, fading to white as it ages. Brother Chuck is one on my list of Maybes to order this year. It is supposed to fragrant if my memory serves me. I don't do much coral because it doesn't seem to fit with the colors elsewhere in my garden. I did buy Abalone Pearl last year and then wouldn't you know I got another one as a bonus from Khlem's! I don't think you can really go "wrong" with a peony from a reputable seller like Khlem's. It just depends on what you're looking for. Happy hunting!

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