P. aurantia

karyn1(7a)June 20, 2008

My aurantia has been blooming and has a few fruit. Is the fruit of this variety palatable? It's still small, about the size of a large marble but more oblong. How big does it get and does it change color when ripe? I couldn't find a whole lot online.



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Hi Karyn
I believe the fruit are edible but not great. Not sure about the size so tell us when they mature. It is a difficult plant to overwinter and needs to be kept very dry. The link below shows P. cinnabarina, a similar Australian species. The fruit had a lovely fig-like smell unopened but not much flavour and is still green when ripe so possibly P. aurantia is the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora cinnabarina

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Thanks Myles. I've got another question. I was told that this variety likes low light so it's in my shade house and receives only very filtered light. It appears that the cinnabarina likes strong light. Do you think that I was misinformed about the light needs of the aurantia?
Thanks again,

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Full sun I would say.

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I moved it out of the shade house and am slowly aclimating it to full sun. The blooms already look better with a deeper peachy orange color. Thanks for the info Myles. I'll let you know about the fruit when it ripens.

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Hi Karyn,

I have purchased an Aurantia a few days ago, and have just picked up a book on passionflowers from the library. It confirms that this passionflower likes the sun. The flowers are open for three days, and in that time, change colour from pale yellow to light-orange to red (have yet to see this). The fruit will grow to three inches and will turn a green-purple colour.

Acc. to the book, there are three Australian species, the Aurantia, the Cinnabarina, and the Herbertiana. All have flowers dat are open for three days, and that change colour during this time. And they all like the sun.

Scent is mentioned only for the Herbertiana, but with Miles saying that his Cinnabarina fruits smell so nice, I am hoping the same goes for the Aurantia, since I have just pollinated mine to get fruit as well.

Would be fun to get seed to grow seedlings!

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The flowers are darkening considerably since I moved it into more sun but they definitely aren't red. I haven't noticed any scent from the blooms and the fruits are still small. Thanks for the info Linda. I do have a couple aurantia seedlings as well but I don't believe that they'll reach blooming size this season. I'm not sure what pollinated the blooms on my big one. I had 4 other passies blooming at the same time and there were plenty of bees and moths, even in the GH.

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