Snow Peas?

christie_sw_mo(Z6)November 23, 2008

I buy the frozen stir-fry vegetables sometimes that have a few snow pea pods mixed in and we like those. Has anyone tried to grow them? I wonder if they're easy to grow in the Ozarks. I saw them in a couple catalogs including Stokes. I would want a variety that's stringless.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

LOL--would'nt you know I've tried them?? But this year for the first time. I'm beginning to think I like everything better in the garden. I froze about 2 gallon, same as the English peas, I dont know, maybe in the middle of the winter they"ll taste better. But sitting in the garden, trying one, they're much better that taking them from the freezer.

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I am going to try them this year too. I think I will go w/taichung.
They are from kitazawa seed co.
They are listed as sugar peas. but they say that they are grown for the sweet taste raw in salad or stir-fry.
What type do you think you will try?
Which ones did you go with Ceresone?
When you put your in the freezer did you blanch them first or just wash and freeze them?

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I have never done snow peas, but love the sugar snaps and do raise a few.

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I tried Oregon Mammoth Snow peas years ago, but with limited success. Have been growing Super Sugar Snaps for several years. Once I learned that they needed to germinate at warm temps and started them on a plant bench with a heating cable in peat pots I had better success. I try to have them in the ground by March 1 after sowing the seed on Feb 15. I may try snow peas again and see if I have luck germinating them warm. Getting a stand was a problem with them too as I recall.

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I didn't realize they needed warmer soil than garden peas. I will try to remember that come spring.

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Thank you Dorothy! I didn't know either. I'm so glad you've been posting a lot lately. : )

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Many posts are missing. I just had a brain wave; I am going to use a wall of water on my sweet peas that are getting too tall in my basement.

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