Got seedlings ... now what?

viper4358June 20, 2006

I bought P. Incarnata seeds off ebay recently and 4 days after sowing I had signs of life. Now, a week later I have 14 seedlings that are 3-5" tall with immature (round) leafs. They are getting close to the top of my propagator and I would like to know when it is safe to move them to individual pots? After repotting, should I continue to keep them in a closed system for a while? Also, what type of potting mix should I use? They germinated in straight peat. Is a 50/50 mix of good potting soil and perlite a good choice, or should I stick with peat and apply a liquid fertilizer? Thanks for your help! - MP

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I think you are pampering these too much. Remember, P. incarnata is a weed, and can grow in very poor soil. Throw them in some dirt. Seriously, you should have no problem moving them to bigger pots. If they have been in a very humid environment, you may want to gradually expose them to drier air over a few days.

I made the mistake of tossing some fruit into my compost bin last year. I now have hundreds of these things coming up around every plant that got compost this spring.

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Wow u really Lucky i bought many seed for passion and they never sprout for me u know who u bought them from might give them a try the seeds had to be really fresh to sprout so soon. angie

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Angie - I bought them on EBAY from "rickattheauction". Looks like he sells a lot of different things. They were advertised as fresh. I am really surprised by the results. Also bought 35 P. Caerula seeds from another source and haven't had any germinate yet. Good luck - MP

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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

I have found that the fresher seed sprout the fastest. I do not clean my seed or do anything else other than removing from the fruit and putting in warm moist potting soil. I have gone the soaking route with orange juice, milk, and several other things with poor luck but with fresh seed you will usually get really good germination and fairly fast.

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Kiwinut - Thanks for the advice. Probably pampering too much. Rolled down the tent over a couple of days and put in morning sun. They are taking off now. Also, got my first P.Caerula to germinate yesterday. - MP

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