won't bloom/2 part question

lavender6554June 20, 2006

I have a (Caerulea) Clear Sky passion flower from last year. It did fine over the winter but i hasn't bloomed yet this summer. Lots of vines with healthy leaves and new shoots growing fine. It is kept in doors and gets afternoon sun. What can i do to force blooms?

I also purchased a Jelly Joker passion flower 2 weeks ago, it dropped all of it's leaves and has done nothing since. Should i repot it?

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Half a day's sun probably isn't enough to get a passie to bloom indoors; if you don't have a spot with more hours of sun, consider adding a plant light or two in the morning to supplement the sunlight.

Dropping all leaves is a response to shock; I can't tell the cause from your description. I'd gently ease the plant out of its pot and look at the roots. If they're brown and mushy, they've rotted from too much water; cut back the mushy parts, repot with some fresh mix and cross your fingers. If the roots are white and plump, it should be ok and put out new shoots and leaves.

Good luck!


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