Passiflora Manta

redpassJune 5, 2011

This past winter I lost a large 5 gallon-size Passiflora Manta I had grown into a specimen plant over several years. I now have 2 plants recently transferred to 3 gallon containers. It seems winter was the downfall. I would really like to hear how dry they can be during the winter months. I grow my plants outside from spring to fall and winter them indoors. Looking forward to any advice you can offer. Thanks.

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I keep mine in a fairly cool greenhouse over the winter and water infrequently, maybe once every 2-3 weeks. It doesn't put on any growth to speak of over the winter but once it warms up and daylight length increases I begin watering more frequently and fertilize. As soon as it's warm enough at night it goes back outside. It's definitely not one of my faster growing passies.

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