Passiflora Insects

pollywoggin(10aFL)June 19, 2009

Hi guys,

I've got an issue that is very puzzling. I have finally got my standard maypops to blooming size, and edulis soon to follow.

My problem is that after they bloom, the drying flowered buds look as though they've been eaten away, therefore no fruit! That was my entire intention for growing them!!!

At first I thought it may be a squirrel as the culprit, but now know it is not.

However, I do see some bugs on plant I will now describe:

Long, antlike body, winged, and as I observe them, they seem to only suck nectar, and not damage plants. But it's so hot outside now, I can't stay outside long enough to see if they are in fact the culprits de-flowering the plants!

I don't want to kill good insects, and even after extensive google image search, can't find picture of this insect. Will try to get photo to post later.

Also, just a moment ago, I found a small grayish beetle at the very tip of one of the deflowered stems. Is this the bugger causing damage????

Please help enthusiasists!!! The caterpillars are beautiful daymoths, and they only munch leaves it seems...but I still move them to my non-fruiting amtheyst. So what gives gang?

Thanks very much to any who can offer advice!


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ethane(9 FL)

Is it an earwig? I tend to get earwigs munching my passionflowers, as well as slugs and snails. I don't have any passiflora butterflies where I live so I just spray them with an insecticide and kill 'em all.


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Many years ago we had massive earwig infestations in our ground, and yes, they would munch on plants. After asking everyone I could think of,(most of which didn't believe that earwigs were eating my plants), someone told us the best advice. Ivory soap in water in a spray bottle. This will kill those puppies pretty fast and not risk harm to much else.

However, pollywoggin mentioned wings, and the earwigs we have in my area certainly do not fly, thank goodness.

Hopefully without sounding like I'm insulting your intelligence, Pollywoggin, but are you sure they were going to set fruit before they appear eaten? I would suggest cross-pollinating your flowers yourself. You will get much likelier success, and probably larger fruit. It certainly can't hurt to try, right?

Good luck

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