LL/Amethyst fruit ? Eric???

karyn1(7a)June 11, 2011

I finally got fruit on my LL/Amethyst using loefgrenii pollen. We discussed amethyst fruiting recently (the plants at Butterfly World) and I've had the vine forever with no luck trying to pollinate it. As a matter of fact it was the first passion vine I ever got. Do you think that there's a good chance for viable seed? I'd mentioned this to Crystal in an email the other day but with the frequency that she checks her mail I thought I'd post to you here. lol I'd appreciate answers from anyone it's just that I'd discussed LL fruit with Eric recently.

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Yes Karyn, that is entirely possible. P. loefgrenii is a stallion, (especially var. Iporanga), which will pollinate many species and hybrids that are difficult to get fruit on. We successfully got one fruit to take on our P. 'Amethyst' last year, but I do not recall if any of the seed have germinated. Even if they did, we had a damping off epidemic this winter, and by the time we got it under control, we lost aprox 30-50 hybrid seedlings, so they may have been in that lot.

If I recall correctly, our P. 'Amethyst' had very few viable seeds in it, so if you have the opportunity, I would create another fruit so you have more seeds to play with.

It could be a great hybrid! Isn't this fun??

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I did get a second fruit with the loefgrenii pollen. The loefgrenii pollen really is a stallion. I've tried pollinating the amethyst for years and have never had a fruit.

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