I lost my rat killer yesterday

helenh(z6 SW MO)November 13, 2012

I found Puffy dead in the yard. I have no idea what happened to him. He was adopted by me at the insistance of friends in Joplin. I took three grown beautiful kittens and now I have only one left. I think he was about 5 years old. There were no marks on his body but if he were sick I wouldn't think he would be out in the yard in the open. I would think he would curl up in the barn or in the weeds. He got along very well with my dogs, but a strange white dog visits here some times. I just don't know what happened. I lost Blackie last week hit by a car. Blackie was old and slow and has had lots of fun through the years going on trips. His shock collar did not deter him one bit so I took it off in his old age- gave up trying to keep him in.

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Big hug Helen - I'm so sorry. Not fair to lose two pets in one week.
Is Honey the only dog you have left now?

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Helen, I'm so sorry.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I still have 70 pound black bird dog Beau, 30 pound Honey and Spanky the little female cat who missed the lesson on killing rodents. Spanky weighs about 8 pounds and she plays with mice but loses them. I worry about Spanky because I think the white dog may have killed Puffy. Spanky is the only one who can intimidate Honey; she slaps him for no reason and he is afraid of her. I keep thinking about where I could put a fence but cats don't stay behind fences anyway. A fence could protect Honey but he has a very big yard behind the electric wire and shock collar radio fence and still gets upset when Beau and I are in the garden where he can't go. I live in the country about 1/10 of a mile off the road and I like my animals to be free to run and explore. That is more dangerous for them. Honey and Beau play with the white dog and I can't get Beau to run it off. It is never here when I am outside but I know it is coming because it moved a bottle of Windex that I left outside. I found the Windex outside the radio fence area where Honey can go. Beau is a mature dog and does not fool around with Windex bottles and solar lights which are also being moved here.

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Oh Helen, I am so sorry. We lost our dog,Biscuit,the same way. We think he was hit by a car. Of course, we are right on the road and he was prone to lay out in the middle of it waiting for us to come home. We lost one of our cats to a car and another one to some wild varmint. Then we lost some chickens to a stray dog so we had to start keeping them up in the pen each day.

We are like you and don't want to keep a dog confined when we live out in the country but are now hesitant to get another one just to lose again. I do miss having a dog, holes dug in the yard and all.

We have enough cats that even if we lost a few, we should still be able to keep the rodents under control. I am ashamed to say how many.

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