My winter update

statenislandpalm7a(7a)February 14, 2011

Originaly i wasnt going to post one but with almost 60 degree temperature i was tempted. I found out today i lost a windmil palm. All the fronds pulled out. I think it was inevitable because it was very weak going into winter due to fertilizer burn and being shaded by giant cannas.


healthy windmill palm

dead one im gonna replace it with a big one in the spring

needle palm

damged sabal minor from snow weight

big sabal and two Louisiana seedlings in front

takil, sago palm and cordyline

dead sago windmill and cordyline

top of basjoo trunk mushy

big cordyline slightly damaged

ponsirous (sp?) hardy orange


pindo palm and yucca

cow tounge opuntia dead to the ground

agave looks good so far

thornless opuntia mostly dead

windmill seedlings unprotected

small majesty palm not enjoying the indoors

I miss the jungle

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Hey, they look fine...just be careful, winter is still not over and we can have cold and snow yet. I have mine in a green house built around them and they look fine. My huge med palm which is in the house, looks like it wants to go out...but I dont take that one out till mid April.

If you are ever interested in bigger windmills, Maple Leaf Gardens on route 34 sells them for about 50 bucks, I have bought all mine there.

Well keep up the good work and lets hope for an early spring, I have so much yard work to do and want to get my potted palms outside

Take care
Mike from Great Kills

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I covered everything back up don't wory. Btw im in eltingville.Ive seen palms at a few nurseries on Staten island but il probably buy one on ebay or my annual trip to Virginia beach. what size afre they for 50 i paid 30 for both of them of ebay with shipping

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Awesome pics, Im happy to see most of the plants doing so well! Good call on covering them back up for tomorrow. I did the same for my oleander, pindo palm, sabal domingensis, med fan palm, and livistonia. My minor and windmill palms are on their own tonight. The weather will be much better on Wednesday and Friday is really going to be a perfect day (it would be more perfect if it was that nice on a weekend instead!).
Is that your big majesty, or did you get a smaller one. My big majesty is browning a little but it pushed up a new healthy frond and it only has a little more than a month inside to go! The majesty palm in your pic will definitely live to see spring and summer.
I cant wait until spring. It usually takes until June or July for the yard to even start looking okay, but its fun to watch them recover in the meantime and buy some new exotic plants (I only bought 2 plants in the past 3 months!!).
Im hoping for a mild spring and no more very cold weather because I dont feel like covering all the palms up again.
Good luck!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Statenislandpalms...I think considering the amount of snow and temps that you and all of us have seen this winter...your palnts/trees look great to me!!! Good Job!!!

I would agree that the cold has not left the "building" be careful....But, i must say...i am impressed by the color of all of the and healthy for the most part.... congratulations!! Especially for pushinng the "zone" in your area...Bravo!!! My friend!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Laura in VB

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Hey Dennis

I hope that bottom section of the Opuntia is still good-
they really need to be bone dry all fall/winter to have a chance--mine made it
the first year,probably because it hadn't rooted enough to fatty up!

Same goes for the Imbricata-is it still around?

How about trunk cutting that Trachy(don't saw through the cord!(-;)to take a look at how far the
rot is,maybe dig it up too and bring it inside-since it sounds like you'll remove it anyway.
Should be a good year for more cold hardy fun-looking froward to it!

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Thanks. This is my smaller majesy ive actually had it for a couple of years. My big one is showing some yellowing too. I was able to control myself and i didnt buy any plants but i will in the spring.

Laura Thanks. The buildings dont offer much protection. I actually think that the concrete on 3 sides may have been the cause of the lack of growth and cold damge.

I think moisture was only part of the cause because it is planted in 100% sand. The cold and 3 feet of ice were probably bigger factors. The imbricta never rooted last year. Luckily I saved a pad of the opuntia that broke of in december. I could trunk cut the trachy and it may make but it will never catch up to the other one. If i replace it with a bigger one it will have an advantage.

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Hey Staten Island Palm:

The ones that are sold in NJ for 50 bucks are great size with a great trunk for the money. Here is my email, and I will send you some of the pics of the palms i have including the 2 that were bought in NJ for 50 bucks

This summer I will look for the Pindo, which they have had in the past.

Looking forward to be hearing from you


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Great pics statenisl. you did a great job this winter it was def. very very cold and nasty with a lot of moisture... hope to see more nice pics soon - Justin in Vb

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Mike i sent you an email


I trunk cut the trachy but the heart was dead and rotten
I cut the cactus to ground level. Luckily all the roots were alive so it will probably come back

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Staten Island, so sorry about your Trachy loss. Mine look beaten up, but the leaves are still green and and the buds are firm--so they should recuperate. One thing that I would suggest is not to plant then in the ground until they get relatively large (they are MUCH hardier then). I really do not protect mine at all.--I had X-mas lights on them one night and the darn lights did more damage than the freakin' cold! Just in case, I have two other 5 gallon containerized Trachys. I am also growing 11 gallon size ones for future plantings--I've become so obsessed with this beautiful genus of palm! I can't wait until I start seeing the big ones push new Spring growth and know everything is right in the world again! On another positive note, my recently planted Needle goods better than I had expected. On a negative note, my Butia looks like it's a gonner. Haven't ventured out into the back garden so not sure how the Sabal Louisianas have made out. Glad Old Man Winter seems to be on the way out. Enjoy the weekend!

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