How to grow Tacsonias?

passifreakJune 6, 2010


I want to know how do you grow your Tacsonias?

In which kind of soil, which Temperaturesand how much sun do they get?

And do they grow there well?



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Mine are in all sorts of different conditions. I'll just give you all the details.

They are all outside so they all experience our climate year-round. Some get a little more protection from the cold than others because they are in a protected area or in one case (P. antioquiensis) against the house. Our winters average 60/40 with maybe one drop into the upper 20s and a few very light frosts. Summers are 80/55 with a number of days in the 90s and occasionally above 100. Last year the range was 27 to 102. We get about 15 inches of rain a year, with a completely dry summer, so watering is crucial.

All of my plants are pretty young (in parentheses how long I've had it):

P. tripartita var. mollissima (almost 2 years). In the ground in part sun. It gets more sun in the afternoon than morning, some areas are essentially full sun. It's bloomed twice and has more buds (and fruit). Has withstood 26 F with no damage whatsoever.

P. antioquiensis (a little less than 1 year). A seedling just over 1 year old against the North side of the house in almost full shade (tiny bit of very late and very early sun). This is a small plant (few vines and the longest is about 9 feet). I just noticed it has its first, probably nonviable, bud.

P. x exoniensis (a little more than 1 year). In a 5 gallon pot gets morning sun, afternoon shade. This plant thrives here and blooms like crazy. Full of buds and about to open its first of the year.

P. parritae (8 months?). 5 gallon pot and too small and too young to bloom. Morning sun.

P. 'Mission Dolores' (1 year). 5 gallon pot. Maybe producing its first viable buds--I'll know in a day or two, I think. Damaged by frost, and gets deformed leaves when it is above 90. Morning sun.

P. parritae x ?? (the "P. parritae x caerulea 'Constance Eliot'" plant, just under 1 year). A happy plant in a 5 gallon pot, unbloomed. Morning sun.

P. parritae x exoniensis (just over 1 year). Plant in a 5 gallon pot died (probably dried out this winter/spring). Lives on in rooted cuttings.

Is that it? It seems like I have more...

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I forgot--the soil is heavy clay when in the ground, in pots a mix of half perlite and/or pumice, half potting soil with maybe some peat added.

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Thank you very much for the informations Randy!

I will repottet my Tacsonias in clay, I hope they will go better this year...

Last year I have about 20 buds on my xexonies...but there was some spidermites...than the plant dries out....horrible!


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I live in a less then optimal area for tasconias but really like them so I create an artificial environment. From April thru June and Sept thru Oct I keep my tasconias outside. During the winter I keep them in a heated and humidified greenhouse and during the hottest parts of the summer (July & Aug) I cool the greenhouse with a mister and fans. They do well enough but not nearly as good as my other passies. I'd love to be able to keep them outside during the entire summer but they wilt horribly, even in a shaded area. Our summers can be brutal with triple digit temp and humidity. They do better in the greenhouse over the winter then they've done outside in the hottest part of the summer. I use a well draining potting mix. We also have very heavy clay soil here.

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