Could they still be alive? Wannabe did something stupid

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)March 5, 2009

Years ago- probably 10 or so- before I knew what I know now about Peonies, I did something really stupid: I tried to 'refresh' an old heirloom row of peonies thinking they were just 'old' and would benefit from being dug up and transplanted.

You can guess what happened. There were two rows of probably 10 plants each, and none of them has since come back...or if they did, no one knows because it has been assumed that I killed them, and each spring, the area is mowed as 'lawn.'

A few years later, I took a chunk of another peony (one that was in another spot and lucky enough to come away with its life because I didn't touch THAT one the previous time), but at that point in my life, I DID know that peonies may take several years to 'recover' from such an event, and last year was blessed with a lovely blooming plant.

My question is: Is it at all possible that the two rows of peonies that I seemingly destroyed are still 'alive' and could still produce plants if left alone?

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Possible but not probable. Dig down in the area that you remember the peonies in. Sometimes when turning over the soil the roots become buried too deep.

Good luck. I did have one come back after being damaged in sewer project that was buried very deep.

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