Passiflora ligularis

tomazoJune 1, 2010

Hi passion viners !

I recently returned from a trip in peru/ecuador and was really charmed by the granadilla.

unfortunatly i did not think about carrying back seeds with me.

I would like to exchange seeds for it.

I mostly have hot pepper seeds ,you can check out my trade list,

reply to this thread or send me an email if interested.



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What an interesting trip that must have been. I don't have ligularis. If you are unable to find anyone here with seeds Trade Winds carries them. I have no idea if they'd ship to Israel or not but you could inquire. They are a reliable seed vendor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trade Winds Fruit

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thanks karyn1 but they seem to run out of the seeds.
they recently removed the seed from their listings..

does anyone know a vendor that carries these ?
I am offering a trade as well if someone is interested.


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You can try Rare Exotic Seeds in Canada. I haven't bought passiflora seeds from them but have bought other varieties and had decent germination.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rare Exotic Seeds

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