My leaves are changing

jspeachyn5November 2, 2008

Well my leaves are finally changing.

They are a wonderful yellow and tan, and one w/yellow red.

I may get to rake those leave after all.

Now if it will not rain right after they fall.

But I know it will it always does. lol

I did get my lawn all mowed down short and cleaned up Saturday.


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I did a little clean-up yesterday and today. I leave a lot of the perennials for winter protection.

I have color finally. I thought I had posted some pictures but must have done it some place else.

If you don't mind, I will post them here. I don't want to hi-jack your post but it pertains to your headline!

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Oh you are great.
Ok a couple of questions.
the Vicary Golden. How much water does this one like? I have heard it is fast to grow. Does this one hold the leaves during the winter?

Euonymus alatus-burning bush. Same here how much water. I think these loose there leaves, right? I know they can get up to 10' H, Is it about 10'W also?

Which Lilac do you have?

Which Dogwood? Is it a trees or a bush. I have seen the red osier dogwood when I was looking at things for fall color. I think I like that one. Have you ever grown the red osier?

Your Limelight hydrangea. Is it the panicle that can grow into a hedge?

Spiraea punifolia-bridal wreath. Again how much water and the leaves hold through winter?

Do you like all of these that you have now?

Thanks Bonnie

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These all loose their leaves. The dogwood is a tree...most were here when we moved in 1991. The lilac is just the old common purple one, unnamed. I planted the spirea and the golden vicary.

Nothing gets supplemental water in that border! Neither does the spirea.

Yes, Limelight is hydrangea paniculata. I tried red osier one year and it died. I think it required more water that I ever gave it. Also I believe you are supposed to cut it down each year because the new growth has the best color.

I am too lazy and too old to plant anything that I have to prune......already worried about my grasses since ceresone told us she was getting rid of hers!

I like all of these. I do absolutely nothing to them.

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caroline_2008(Z 6)

Your colors are beautiful !! My trees and some bushes
are turning now but not quite enough yet. Thanks for
sharing. Happy gardening, caroline

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

We drove around Joplin today to see the fall color. It is better in town because of all the sugar and red maples people have planted and the burning bushes in sun are brilliant. I love the sugar maples with dark limbs and bright yellow, orange or red leaves. Also the ground underneath looks like a carpet briefly. I got a pickup full of bagged leaves and more piled up for me to get.

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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

The pictures are great. Funny that you are just going into your color time as we're about done. Daily the view between the trees is getting clearer and clearer. I'm amazed at how many leaves have dropped in such a short period of time. At times I just have to stand and watch when a breeze goes through and all the leaves start to fall at once. It's so magical. I love it!

Lake of the Ozarks

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bunny6(7 AR)

The pictures are so colorful! I love the different colors of plants and trees in the fall. My trees have finally started to change a little. It is weird that other trees around me will change and my are the last to show any color. We all have basically the same trees. I like to rake or blow the first time around, but after that I get tired of it. I have too many leaves, so I bag up my extra and give them to my aunt.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Glenda, I watched and enjoyed your whole slide show. Now I want a toasted english muffin with marmalade. You have nice healthy looking cattle and a beautiful vegetable garden. I think you can handle the grasses; they look pretty. I'll bet a young person would cut them for you for some of that bread.

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helen, I am so dense, I didn't realize that when you do the small pictures and click on them, you had access to the whole album! I found it out some time back. Glad you enjoyed it. I should try to organize things better on Photobucket.

helen, you couldn't find anyone around here to do anything! I can still handle far.

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Since Gld already hi-jacked your thread, Can I hi-jack it again? My Autumn Blaze maple is prettier this year than it normally is. We're disappointed with the color most years. The third picture is a close-up of the leaves. The second photo is aronia - can't wait until it gets bigger.

Here's a couple pics of leaves on one of my oak trees. It's prettier than normal too. The last one is my dwarf burning bush that's eating my house. It's completely covering our garage window and I've cut it way back a few times in the past. I need to plant something smaller there. Don't be fooled by the word "dwarf" like me. lol

I lost a red osier dogwood too. It needs moist soil and I didn't have a good spot. I have a variegated red-twig dogwood that's staying alive but doesn't really seem happy in our climate.

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Oh, Christie those leaves are so pretty.
I like your burning bush. You both have wonderful plants for fall colors.
I decided I'm going to plant the osier dogwood. I have problems with too much moisture. so if I plant just above the wet area I think I should be ok.
I'm always afraid to plant maple trees. I don't want the runners all over the yard. Or to get into some one else's yard.
Great colors.

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My thumnails don't work. Sorry. Going to try again:

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I would have a hard time parting with that burning bush. You have lots of fall color. My maple that usually has pretty fall color just turned brown. I do have burning bushes, but mine are not as brilliant as yours.

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christie, those colors just glow! I have got to remember aronia next the berries; that and serviceberry.
You guys remind me if I forget.

My maple is October Glory and it is just beginning to turn.

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Well that didn't last very long.
My trees have lost 60% of the leaves!
That wind yesterday had them going everywhere. We are supposed to have a lot of wind again today, then rain tomorrow.
So I better enjoy them today!
What is that saying... enjoy the moment you are in.
Everyone have a great day, enjoy you fall color.


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