Constance Elliott in San Antonio

jblaschke(8b TX)June 12, 2006

Any folks in the San Antonio area looking for p. caerulea "Constance Elliott" can find a whole heck of a lot of 'em at Milberger's Nursery on the 1604 loop, north side. They had well over a dozen 5'-6' plants in five gallon containers for $24.99. Looked very healthy in full sun, so ought to be hardened off and ready to put in the ground. Only a couple were actively blooming, but many had buds and several were growing fruit. There were a couple other varieties there as well (Blue Sky, iirc, and LOTS of p. vitifolia in 1 gallon containers for $12.99) but Constance Elliott was by far the dominant passiflora. There were only two CE's in 1 gallon containers, and I ended up buying one. So if you want one, that's where to go.

As an addendum to this story, I planted my Constance Elliott in our front flower bed yesterday late in the evening. I have a huge Incense growing on one side of the bed, and I wanted something to balance as well as contrast with it (Gulf Fritliary cats have absolutely *devastated* the Incense in recent weeks). I went home for lunch today, and after seeing a butterfly land on the CE as I was driving up, I figured I'd better check on it, so that it's not eaten before it can get established. Friends and neighbors, I picked EIGHTEEN eggs off that little plant! I'll wager I pick an equal number off this evening as well. I love those butterflies as much as the next person, but it was well into August before they stripped my Incense last year. What is it with them this year?

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