my windmills

formula206February 10, 2011

Hey im Harry, just introducing myself. Im on long island NY...this is my first year with palms here...just bought my house a few months ago so here you go...just airing them greenhouse seems to be working well...i have them very close to the house for now until they mature a was very nice sunday and it was almost 80 inside the greenhouse

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welcome to the forum Harry, you have 2 beautiful looking palms and they look very healthy! nice idea with the wrap for the green house also. this summer im sure you will add to your palm collection! great start and hope to see you around. -Justin in Vb

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Good luck with your Windmills.--They're marvelous palms! I planted mine a few years ago. Protected for the first couple of years, then little protection, then none. I just got a shipment of 10 smaller one to eventually grow on and add to the grove.

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Welcome Harry
Keep an eye on the temps inside there,they can soar to over 100(F) this time of year.

You may want to water with room temp water instead of snow to keep from cooling
the soil to much but no worries as we are pretty much out of the worst winter weather!

I like to rake the mulch back away from my palms as soon as the weather
permits so the soil can warm up faster-

Your palms look awesome!

Nice going,I bet they really take off this year!

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Very nice palms, and like the greenhouse, i made 2 similar ones for the palms i have in my yard and have had them for several years, one is getting real big and the greenhouse is quite large, if it gets any bigger this summer, not sure what i will do next winter.
take care
mike from staten island

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