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oklavenderladyJune 15, 2011

Did anyone see the movie Pearl on OETA last Saturday night? We watched it and it was great. It's about a Marlow girl in the late twenties and early thirties who met Wiley Post and started flying at 12. We met her once and she was really interesting. Her dad was blind but ran a successful business in Marlow. She drove him everywhere and once she started flying, she flew him and other businessmen. And she was a barnstormer. She retired at 18.

The movie is being shown again at 11:30 on Friday night. There is the movie and a short documentary about her life. It's worth a look.


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We did!! Enjoyed it! I'm always amazed at the rich, wonderful heritage our states has. No wonder we're tough enough to put up with our dreadful weather! We come from good stock!

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Seriously, Seedmama - if you can, record this. I think you, Seedpapa and Seedling #1 would very much enjoy this. Actually - anyone who's interested in our state's history would glean some interesting info from this. There are slight tid-bits of humor mixed in. Seems Ms. Pearl was quite a Southern Plains Lady, just a bit of a radical. Of course, I hold a special affinity with her as she did love the Big Birds in the sky. I can't imagine being 14 and flying a plane! She retired from flying at 18??? (For those of you that are saying "what???"...I work at the FAA and am lucky to earn a living working with aircraft.)

Just had these thoughts I wanted to add. And to make it garden related...Ms. Pearl survived the Dust Bowl living on a farm with her husband. Dang...I'm glad I wasn't born in those days. TMI!!!

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