Help with my parritae. Yellowing leaves

cmallgrenJune 3, 2013

How much nitrogen could this plant need? I'm seeing about 1-2 leaves a day yellowing and new growth is growing incredibly slowly. The older leaves are just turning yellow and dying off. I really don't know what to do at this point. Days are about 72-76 degrees with nights in the 50's. Good lighting, steady constant breeze. Not sure on exact humidity, but I live 90 seconds from the water. Suggestions?

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daveh_sf(San Francisco)

How old is your plant? Is it in the ground or in a pot? Where do you live? How much sun does it get? How long have you had it?

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The questions daveh asked are the ones I would ask you, but I would also ask how much water it gets, how your drainage is, and if it gets any nitrogen if you have it in a pot. My parritae is now 4 years old and this time of year it is dropping a fair number of old leaves, but it is also putting on a lot of new growth and branching at nearly every new node right now.

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If it's a new plant in a new location, you should expect it to go through a period of adjustment, possibly with some leaf loss and slowed growth. A picture of some sort would help a lot so people can figure out whether the problem is "normal" or something to worry about.

Do you have other Tacsonias? How are they doing under your conditions?

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