harsh Winter, when will it end

californiamikeFebruary 23, 2014

What a horrible winter the north east and mid atlantic have had. With the warm weather, I was finally able to get in the yard and check on my palms all of which are greenhouse protected...they all seem to be doing fine, which I am happy about...and 2 of the palms are over 8 feet tall, so was tough getting them in there. Just wish it would get warm, so I can uncover the ones in the ground, and take out the palms in pots. My yucca rostrata is doing fine, it is surviving. One of my regular yuccas split in half, hope it makes it to spring, where it will have a chance. I have one little palm uncovered, which was doing okay till the last week and a half, think it is toast. Well, when I can I will post some pics.

The palms in my area, staten island, dont look too good, at least the ones that were not covered.....Even if you can't do total protection, at least cover the leaves, that will help.

Well, where is spring?????

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It's been a very rough winter. A lot of my palms are damaged too. I looked at one home with trachys on Staten Island this past weekend and the palms were definitely beaten up, but one of them looked very green (the other one's fronds were completely bent down but the center fronds were still green). They didn't get any protection so I'll be very impressed if they survive!
This week looks awful but hopefully we'll start seeing milder weather by the end of March. I am very ready for spring.

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Very harsh Winter. I covered up my triple planting of Trachys for the third time (plus lights). They don't look that bad but why add insult to injury at this point?! Sun is strong enough this time of year to really warm the area under an insulating blanket, so should be okay. These guys are in an area of full Winter sun, so sun burning is an issue if it's arctic cold (they get some shade in summer). Seeing highs in the 30's to 20's later in the week with lows in the low teens, so more than 20 degrees below normal. Weather is not zonal but coming in from the arctic. Only good thing is all this sun, reflected off the snow...it is brighter than anyone from the Tropics can imagine. You need sun glasses in the house! I really wonder what Spring will offer.My antidote to the cold...buy more palms! I bought a beautiful Areca (Dypsis) and another Sabal lousiana.

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Its never ending! We have had at least 2 inches of snow cover for nearly three straight months now. The temps have been way below average all winter long. More sub-zero temperatures this week. We still have about 10 inches of snow on the ground now. We will see what palms are still alive some day when it gets warm enough to look.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

East of the Rockies... I'd say to hold off on any thoughts of warmth until mid March at this point, at least from what I see on the weather models.

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No end in sight here in southern Michigan. I know for sure I've already lost a needle palm, but it may have been to overheating with Christmas lights and too much burlap...Our forecast is WAY below normal for end of Feb and beginning of March. These temps are abnormally low for January, nonetheless 3 weeks until spring. Here's our 7-day forecast. The forecast of -6 is conservative compared to other stations forecasting -10. By the way, this is our second snowiest winter ever...

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