California poppies

helenh(z6 SW MO)November 27, 2012

Does anyone grow these? I have tried them before; I don't think they did that well for me. My sister had little seedlings coming up everywhere. She lets them grow some places and gets rid of them where she doesn't need them. But she lives in N. CA. It made me wonder if I should try them again. Hers are the common orange. I know they come in colors but are those easy to grow? I was looking for seeds in my seed box and got out the other kinds of poppies; mine looked ratty last year. I think I planted them too thick which is easy to do and they may be better here and there instead of one big ratty area. I like the look of the blue o poppy foliage before it blooms, but after it blooms the foliage gets very ratty. Some rot. I know I will try again since I am already in the mood. It is cold in the morning but these sunny cool afternoons are great for digging. I really can't stand the heat. This is good digging weather. I need to wash my windows so I need excuses to do anything else.

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I grew some from seed I ordered from Thompson and Morgan and got great germination. I didn't try sowing directly. I transplanted mine when they were small. I don't know if that was a factor but they didn't do very well. They didn't grow well and I got very few flowers, maybe a half a dozen total. Heat may have been a factor too.

If you find a variety that does well here, I'd like to know. I'll link the one I tried.
I thought these were such a pretty color in the catalog so when I saw all my seedlings coming up I was picturing a big mass of coral pink. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: T&M California Poppy 'Summer Sorbet'

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My Iowa sis grows them or grew them; I will check with her. Their weather seems to be mimicking ours more each year.

I really suspect they don't do well here. I figure if I have never seen a flower growing anywhere or don't see them for sale,there must be a reason.

I love the papaver somniferums but mine have about played themselves out. They do look pretty ratty when they have dried and then I just harvest some seeds and pull them up.I think I have a jar in the fridge....should broadcast some.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Christy I read the CA poppies don't transplant well. CA is hot in summer but their spring comes early and they may have a period of cool growing weather in spring longer than ours. I seemed to have too many single salmon o poppies way too close last year. The corn poppies were many interesting colors but the foliage was floppy and not attractive. They bloom so early and are something to look forward to though. I have some coming up now but when I weed I sometimes get them.

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Helen, my Sis grows both the orange, yellow and Thai Silk Ca, poppies and treats them as annuals. She broadcasts them in Spring on worked bare ground and sprinkles a light covering of vermiculite over the seeds.

Here is a link to Mo. Bot. Gardens about them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Califorfnia Poppies

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Thanks Glenda for the link and report from your sister. If they grow in Iowa, they should grow here. They like good drainage, I have that for sure. It was beautiful today and yesterday but reminds me too much of our warm winter last year and the summer that followed. Every rain forecast yields just a sprinkle if that. Last year at this time it was cold but from then on was mild.

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I think this is the last warm day; I hope to get my fanny outside and weed the strawberries and do some garden tilling..DH will probably have to get the tiller going since it has been idle so long.

I think I will try the Thai Silks this year if I can remember to order seeds.

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