sedum_gal(z8, Seattle)June 20, 2013

Hi Gardenwebbers,

I'm not very experienced with Passifloras, and I'm not sure what to make of this one...
I was given a whole bunch of seedlings, labeled P. lutea. The flowers are very small and yellow. Some have this sickly variegation (looks virused, to me)----others are just fine.
My questions:

1) IS this a virus, and should I yank the affected ones?

2) Do any of you want to trade? The healthy (normal looking) plants should flower this year, and I'd love to expand my passiflora collection.



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It could be Cucumber mosaic virus. Take a look at this link, which describes Passiflora leaf diseases and shows images of the diseased leaves to help with i.d.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora diseases

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It really reminds me of what I saw in my previous P. membranacea plant (when I was living in a different location). I was assured by several people that the problem was chlorosis, and that's just what it looked like in that species. Both P. membranacea and P. lutea are Decalobas, so closely related. It's reasonable to think that the same problem should look similar. For my P. membranacea, the problem seemed to be worse with high temperatures and lots of sun.

Here's what I was told is chlorotic P. membranacea. It looks piinkish in spots because the undersides of the leaves are often purple.

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