Where to purchase passiflora edulis vines?

linda_violetJune 6, 2012

Does anyone know where I can purchase these vines either in Dallas, Texas or mail order? I have a good spot in the yard for them, and would like to find plants. Thanks :)

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Here is a place on line :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Place to get passiflora vines.

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Thanks, KWP :)

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Lowes!! Just found two varieties of P. edulis at our Lowes here in Brownsville, Tx...

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oakenking(z8, DFW TX)

I have seen them at Home Depot, but it's been a few years. I got what I'm pretty sure is a P. edulis (unsure of variety, though) at an Oriental market on Josey, north of George Bush - but, it's not blooming, and just labeled "Passion Fruit." Looks like edulis, anyway.

Home Depot has some plants with a P. edulis flavicarpa flower pictured on the tag, but the plant looks like some kind of P. incarnata cross, and the flowers are similar to incarnata. I didn't buy one, because I didn't know if I'd need to bring it in. The tag said it was hardy to 30'F - but it also said it was P. incarnata (hardy to at least 0'F) and the photo was clearly wrong, so I didn't really trust it. It wasn't a hybrid I recognize, but there are SO many these days!

I've been working on building a collection of Passiflora that will survive our winters here in south Oak Cliff; I'm in a little micro-clime that gets just a touch colder than most of Dallas, but so far, I've got good hopes for the varieties I put in the ground this season, and the ones from last year are going gangbusters. So far, I've got something like fifteen kinds. I'm trying to keep to a minimum the ones that have to be babied in the house or garage over the winter, but I figure edulis is worth bringing in. In a dream world, I also want its pollen for eventual hybridization adventures... but that's not something I've done yet.

I'd love to have a Passiflora buddy to trade and talk plants with - send me a message at oaken.king (at) gmail (dot) com if you'd like to visit some time, see what I'm growing, get some cuttings or starter plants. I have to rip out so many chunks of "Incense," "Constance Elliott," and incarnata, I just put them in pots and share with friends.

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog - adventures in silkworms, chickens, gardening, passionflowers, etc.

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