How long for fruit to ripen?

mark4321_gwJune 22, 2010

I have fruit on both P. tripartita var. mollissima and P. x exoniensis (P. antioquiensis x P. tripartita var. mollissima). I'm curious how long these will take to ripen. Of course this will vary depending on time of year and temperatures. We average 80/55 in the summer.

If anyone can add times for other species and hybrids I'm sure people will find it useful.

P. edulis f. edulis ('Nancy Garrison) I think takes a little under 3 months here in summer.

Hopefully I'll have others to add soon.

Oh, the pollen source for the P. x exoniensis fruit is apparently P. loefgrenii Iporanga. P. x exoniensis is not self-fertile and P. loefgrenii Iporanga was the only source of pollen, as far as I'm aware.

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In UK rough guide would be Tacsonia 4-6 months most common species about 3 months as per edulis and Decaloba perhaps 6 weeks. P. Actinia takes 6 months.

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