Costco Peonies that are Available

houdiniiMarch 30, 2008

Just stopped by Costco in Kansas City today. They had different types of Peonies packaged up for about $13-$14.

You could choose:

1) 4 Immaculee (didn't see but 1pkg of this)

2) 2 Bowl of Beauty, 2 Sorbet, 1 Raspberry Sundae

3) I can't remember the other package combinations..

They also had some Sarah Bernhardt and Mons Jules Elie mixed with other peonies. And then there was also a package of 6 roots (3 fragrant varieties 2 of each kind).

However, some of them were already sending up shoots in their packaged bag with some small leaves on the end. I couldn't see the root system of all the peonies, but some of them were the same size as what I ordered from Gilbert H. Wild. If you do buy any of these from Costco or another box retailer, select the heavier package as the root systems are probably in better shape than others.

4-6 roots for $14, not bad, if you don't mind planting in spring and being patient for blooms/healthy growth.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

The package with the Bowl of Beauty I think is the best on your list. I buy them regularly when I find those I don't already have. Pot them up in one gallon pots now and plant in the garden in the fall. It takes 3 years for first really good blooms, but I seldom lose a plant. Al

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