gldno1November 16, 2012

The White Crowned Sparrows are back and taking a bath. My husband took these out the kitchen window.

The berried bush is nandina domestica,

I see the purple finches are back too. We bought wild bird seed and black oil sunflower seeds day before yesterday but haven't got the feeders up yet.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Thanks for the pictures. That first one with them in action is cute. I saw birds taking a bath in the stock tank yesterday. I have sticks in there so they had something to perch on. Bird seed is expensive. If you have a good window to view them it is worth it. I will wait for winter and put out the bird seed in bad weather. The red berries are a welcome bright spot. This weather has been great for digging although it is burrrr in the mornings.

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It is expensive. The sunflower seed 50 lbs. was 24.99 and the wild bird seed 40 lbs was 17.50 at SOMO. It should last all winter. We both enjoy the birds and have two windows we can see them from pretty close. I justify it because we rarely just spend money on entertainment. I also feel guilty because I know the birds expect it.

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Guess they don't mind the chilly water.

It's much cheaper to buy birdseed in bulk like you did. I still have some left over from last winter. I didn't feed the birds much because it was so warm.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I am feeding the birds; I can see them from my window. They are stealing cat food. It is not good for them according to what I read online, but I can't stop them. The cat food was in the barn where animals were eating it. I moved it to the porch behind the dog houses as a solution. Cardinals, titmice and wood hatches are the main visitors. They are lining up on a mulberry branch and taking turns.

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I've seen Bluejays go after my dogs' food if they don't eat it all. It's suprising how much a couple birds can can eat.

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