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mark4321_gwJune 6, 2010

I was doing a search and I just ran across the Gardenweb Passiflora FAQ. Do people ever consult this? If anyone actually does and if there are others willing to work to fix it (it really needs it)I'll certainly do my share. I'm afraid people will read the FAQ and become confused.

Here are a few entries so people can see some of my concerns:

From the FAQ:

What is passionflower?

Passiflora is a fast growing, climbing vine native of North America but is also cultivated in cooler climates. There are hundreds of species of this tropical vine. In the U.S., temperate, sub-tropical species are found from Virginia to Illinois and southeast Kansas, south to Florida and Texas. The leaves are palmately three- to five-lobed. The flowers bloom from May to July and range in many colors depending on the speciesÂpurple, blue, red, white and yellow.

Why wonÂt my passionflower produce fruit?

More than 400 passionflower varieties exist, but only a few dozen species produce edible fruit. Fruit bearers require pollination. Some varieties (such as P. incarnata) are self-pollinating, and require only visits from insect pollinators such as carpenter bees. Other varieties (such as P. edulis) are self-sterile, and require pollen from similar plants. The most reliable method is to pollinate by hand, dusting each pistil with pollen from stamens of another flower

What are the ideal growing conditions?

Passionflower thrives in relatively poor, sandy, acidic soils. Good drainage and full sun is necessary.

Where can I purchase passionflower seeds and plants?

Many local nurseries and greenhouses carry many varieties of passionflower. For online sources, type "buy passionflower online" in a search engine to locate other sources that sell seeds and live plants. Also seed and plant mail-order catalogs offer several varieties of passionflower.

[Try the search]

What are the best species for edible fruits?

P. edulis and P. mollissima (banana passionflower) are the species grown commercially. However, these varieties prefer a more tropical climate and can be difficult to maintain in a North American garden.

P. incarnata, or more commonly known as the maypop, is a common source of fruit for the home gardener. Maypops are about the size of an egg and get their name from the popping sound they make when stepped on in the garden. Ripe maypops have a yellowish-light brown skin and consist of a sweet, slimy gel-like pulp inside that surrounds the seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb Passiflora FAQ

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nancyanne_2010(Z 8 / WA)

maypops make a popping sound when stepped on???

More like they pop out of the ground in may (after dying back to the roots in the winter)

P. edulis is self-fertile - some P. edulis varieties are self-sterile

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pshawn(9B, California)

Mark, I'm a relative newbie in the world of Passiflora, but would be happy to lend a hand in updating the FAQ along with those who are more experienced.

Nancyanne, I believe Mark posted the quoted text with the issues you raise in order to make the point that there were faults in the text he was copying.

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daveh_sf(San Francisco)

Mark, how do you actually edit a FAQ entry or add a new one? I don't see any links or info on how to do that. I've never really looked at the FAQ before, but I see what you mean about errors.

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It's probably unwise to just quote the FAQ and not say what I think is wrong. I'll try to follow up soon, and ask for the comments of others as well.


That would be great. I'm guessing you've grown Passiflora for longer than I have.


It looks like one would have to contact a Gardenweb administrator to change things. I can only find the FAQ by a search--there's a common site for all the FAQs:

Some forums have a link to their FAQ at the top, some (including Passiflora) do not. I assume this could be changed if people wanted it (?)

The big question is whether there is a need for a FAQ and whether it's worth putting some effort into rewriting something. I suppose another option might just be asking GW to delete what's there.

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