Passiflora seedling id's Please!!

countrycarolyn(6-7nwTN)June 11, 2011

I wintersowed a few containers of passifloras well out of several containers and a lot of seeds this was the only ones to germinate. I planted 2 types of seeds in this container one was an incarnata which I believe is on the left. If I am wrong please correct me. The second seed I sowed was of an unamed version when I received the seeds in a trade they were only marked passion fruit.

Could someone tell me what kind of passiflora I have for sure?? I really hope to have the incarnata here on the left and any guesses for the one on the right would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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It's a dangerous game trying to ID Passiflora by leaf alone, especially while in the seedling stage. Any guesses would be purely that... guesses. The only thing I can say is that the one on the left COULD be P. incarnata, only because I cannot rule it out.

My one piece of advice would be to separate those 2 immediately into different pots. Once the roots get tangled, pulling them apart could damage them badly. Also, if their roots are right up against that thin walled planter, the sun could scorch them, which is far worse than burning a few leaves. My suggestion would be to pot each in the center of 3-4 inch planters until they get larger. When they reach about 2 feet, I would repot again into 6-10 inch planters or put in the ground if that is a viable option. When they reach that stage it will be much easier to ID by leaf, nectaries, et cetera, though still not a perfect science without flowers.

Best of luck,

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Thank you Eric for your response!! I did manage to plant the one on the left in the ground after I posted this. I have yet to plant the one on the right but I plan to do that in the next few days.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will be back with more plant to share for a more accurate id. This is my first passiflora to ever grow. I found my first passion flower one day while tromping through a field. I was hooked on passion flower from that day. I found the vine just laying on the ground with these wonderful huge blooms. I couldn't resist picking a bloom and smelling it. I remember the entire drive home I had this large baseball small softball sized bloom held to my face because the smell was so wonderful!! I came home to do all the research possible to identify what this plant was. Well after finding out it took me I say a year and a half to find seeds. So when I say I am very excited even for just these 2 seedlings, that might be an understatement. This has been a long wait and I am thrilled to even think there is a possibility this is an incarnata!!

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If you want to be certain, you could always go back to that field in fall and grab a fruit! :)

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Since you mentioned that these were winter sown seeds I'm going to guess that both are most likely cold hardy varieties. That only leaves a few to choose from but I'd wait until they are about a foot long with mature foliage before making a guess. The immature foliage of some passies is very different then the matuire foliage. Some young edulis have unlobed leaves and don't start producing mature lobed foliage until they are about a foot long.

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Eric I have been back to that field many times since. I have been through dozens of fields to only be empty handed. I mean I have spent more in gas than I would of ever spent buying a plant with shipping and handling, lol. The day in the field was the first day I ever smelled a passi and the only day I have ever smelled one. They are fabulous!!

Karyn you are bringing hope to my ears, one of my containers was the caerulea. I just didn't think I placed those seeds in this container, if it is, you talk about a happy person. Oh my I would be just over the top excited!!

I will for sure be back with an update on these little guys!!

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The one on the left is Incarnata

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Wonderful!!!! I have it planted and seems to be finally adjusting to it's new location. I am so thrilled!!

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