Windmill Palm...roots very exposed and 3' of vertical is gone

nitroracer10February 10, 2008

I noticed around the end of Dec in Dallas that my windmill palm was moving more than it should be in the wind. I noticed that the roots were very exposed at the base and that I could almost put my fingers inside the bottom of it. I am having issues finding anything on the net about this. It is 3 years old planted but probably several years older than this since we bought them. I have seen other plams like this around town but I am not sure what to do. It just looks like something is eating the bottom few inches around the tree. It still looks healthy and is growing out the top still. anyone have any ideas. I put some new soil around the tree with new mulch but that was just recently. Local nursery says it got too much water but this flowerbed it is in is next to my pool and it higher than the surrounding grass so I do not think it is too much water. I looked for termites but did not see any. I did notice a white fungas on some of the base areas....thanks

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I meant 3"....thanks

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I agree with your local nursery about too much water. I have a potted 3 footer that did the same thing, because the soil I had it in inside the pot was too heavy and held water too well. I went on vacation last summer, and had a sprinkler set too close to the palm, and when I got back I found standing water inside the pot. A few weeks later I started to notice new roots forming from higher up on the trunk, and now I have the same issue you're having with exposed roots. Not sure if I should cover them up with soil or leave it as is.

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the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)

Exposed roots are no problem and somewhat natural for a palm to have. Just make sure its feet aren't wet any more and keep it well drained and mulched so things will improve.

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Lots of my palms have exposed roots and I see no problem with any of those.

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My issue is that my plam is not as sturdy as it used to be. It still has new growth. I just put new soil down and mulch but I have it staked up right now to keep it sturdy.

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I think it will be fine .

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I would certainly leave the palm staked for at least another year. I think the more stability you can provide at this point the better for the long term health of the palm.

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