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mosswitchNovember 26, 2013

My column in Sunday's Globe


Here is a link that might be useful: The Joplin Globe

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Sandy, you really should mention that not all bulbs flower in the spring.
In my opinion, too few people are aware of the summer and fall blooming bulbs that are dormant in spring. Like cyclamen, fall blooming scilla, various amaryllids (like lycoris, zephyranthes, hymenocallis), colchicum, and sternbergia, at least are some that come to mind.
Of course maybe that's best for a column in August or September (lol)...who knows. Just hate to see them forgotten.

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I did a fall blooming bulb column, but it did not get into the Globe this fall. Might still run, I don't know. If not, it will have to wait for next fall. There will likely be one in the spring about summer bloomers, too.


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Sandy, I enjoyed your column very much. You have a way with words. :-)
I write for the Master Gardeners column in the Springfield paper and I have to stick to the facts and can't talk so much about my personal experience. I still work it in sometimes! Your yard and woods must be beautiful in the spring when all the bulbs bloom.

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Well, I'd look forward to reading it (lol, there's so many "minor" bulbs that there's always new info to be gleaned). I've tried to grow absolutely as many as I can over my life, but there's always the white eranthis (albiflora and pinnatifida) which I've lusted for 10 years.

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