How to tell when peony is ready to move from pot to ground?

thenightingale(6)March 17, 2009

I couldn't resist the bareroot peony at Wal-Mart this morning. It's now in the (cool) basement and I plan to pot it up this weekend (at which point I can presumably put it outdoors on the porch or patio?) and care for it through the summer.

That said, when is the best time in fall to plant if into my actual garden? Last year we had 70 degree temps as we left for a vacation in the first week of November, and when we returned a week later, there was a blizzard and the ground was frozen. How does one tell when the peony is ready to move from its pot of safety to the garden itself?


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Planting it into 70 degree temperature would not present a problem. In the fall it is going to lose the foliage. The roots have had all summer to populate the soil in the pot and are in good condition to survive the winter in the ground. Even if you had to plant into the frozen ground it would be harder on you than on the peony. Al

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