Peonies at Costco

KarenPA_6bMarch 9, 2014

Local Costco in my area has the following peony combos for sale at $11.99/pack:

Duchess de Nemours/ Red Supreme(4 2-3 eyesroots)
Buckeye Belle/Festiva Maxima(4)
Sword Dance/Moon of Nippon(4)
Sorbet/Lady Alexander Duff(4)
Purple Spider(2)
Celebrity/Peony name I forget(4)
Queen Wilhemina/Adolph Rousseau(4)
Mutabilis/Rosea Plena(4)

There maybe others I missed but the above was all I saw. Anyone (on a budget or not) interested in these peonies should check them out. Please plant these as soon as you get them or as soon as your soil is workable. If conditions are good, they will bloom the second growing season. Good luck!

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I buy Cosco plants every year and find if you pot them up right away they do better than planting in the garden. I put them under lights in the basement until it's warm enough to put them outside, in semi-shade, until you're ready to plant them. They're wonderful, sturdy plants

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Costco here in NC has had those for about a month as well as Wal-Mart. I have been more impressed with the Wal=Mart peonies (bag says 3 to 5 eyes/the ones I purchased have had at least that many and several have had 10 to 12 eyes) but time will tell how they grow. My herbaceous peonies are popping out of the ground for the past week. My Itohs have buds that are elongating and popping up, and several tree peonies already have leafed out for me with several bloom buds. It is going to be a good spring.

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Nancy zone 6

Wish we had a Costo, the only peonies I have found here so far are the 3 or 4 they always have. I have many new ones I planted in the fall, I am really hoping to see blooms from some of them. I shouldn't be so greedy as to wish for more :)

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ngraham, it will be very exciting when you see the new blooms this spring. Once you see them,it is really hard not to want more. It seems there is always some out there that I must have.

graycrna4u, what were the peonies that you saw at your Walmart? My Walmart has not stocked peonies yet.

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At Wal Mart, I have found the usuals: Dr. Alexander Fleming, Karl Rosenfeld, Bowl of Beauty, Margaret Truman, Sorbet, and Sarah Bernhardt. But the roots are huge with many eyes.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

After seeing this post I went looking too. I found them inside a bag but all the bag said was double pink flowers but no name. I was tempted but in the end I bailed out because I don't really know what they are and if they will survive our climate here.

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wannabegardnr(7 Maryland)

No-Clue, if you are really in Zone 10, I doubt your local stores will carry a good selection.
You can grow many beautiful flowers that can't grow up north. I would love to be able to grow Bougainvillea.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


Your post made me smile. I was just thinking I wish for a colder winter next year so I can try to grow Peonies. But then I looked outside at my 80+ plumerias and thought... wait if the weather gets too cold then the frost will destroy my other babies! Sigh...

As for Bougainvillea, I'm having a battle with mine and I'm losing big time. I planted two by the garage door last July and completely ignored them. The darn things grow like weeds around here! I literally have to chop the branches off every week so we can walk by the side door w/out getting whacked by a branch or two. My husband wants me to get rid of it because it might scratch his car. I'm a little disturbed at how fast they grow.

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