New to Peonies and it's growing :)

rjingaMarch 14, 2008

So now I need some advice...I got this bulb/tuber? at the end of the season for bulbs this year and Just put it in something to keep it alive. And now it's sprouted up I'd say about 6 or so inches and there are multiple shoots coming up.

I would like to put it where it will do we get some pretty hot summers here. anyone have some thoughts or ideas?

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They like our hot summers as long as they get enough water. I grow mine in the same conditions as my roses. Be careful to not bury them with the buds underground or they may not bloom for you. Don't expect blooms for the next two years even if all is done right. It is worth the wait as they will bloom for many years. Al

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As your winters are not severe, the eyes should be at ground level. If you bury too deep you will get foliage but no blooms. And don't mulch in the winter, they need the chill. Mine are on sunny west side of the house, full sun until late afternoon. They do great there. I planted mine from bare tubers and got lots of blooms year 3.

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