young seedling care

sagedJune 15, 2005

Please advise me how to look after my two young P. vitifolia seedlings.

They are about 6 weeks old and are inside on a window ledge getting sun in the late afternoons. The climate is warm here, currently 70 F at night and about 90-95 F in the day.

They are about 10cm high but don't seem to be growing anymore. They are in a good compost of half organic and half sandy soil mix.



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TigerLadyTX(z8a Dallas)

Try adding some Super Thrive in their water and see if that helps them grow a bit faster. They might also like a bit more sun.


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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

ya they can take more sun- introduce them slowly, just like any other seedling.

How big's the pot they're in? I usually use a styrofoam "coffee cup" or somesuch untill they're about 12" tall, then transplant to a big pot & let 'em go.

Often they'll appear to 'pause' for a bit, then jump. But just like heating water... The more you watch, the longer they'll pause.

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Thanks for the advice.

Sorry about the repeat possting, I had forgotten I had sent this one here.

They are in plastic 1 pint pots. I now have them outside under filtered sunlight and they look a little better. I have fed them too.

Do you think they should be planted in full sun when older?


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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

MOst of these guys *want* full sun- Climbing atop everything else and suffocating it if not watched. I would introduce them to it now..

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