small passion blooms brown and die; stink bug problems?

eviebr99June 10, 2006

I have a blue eyed susan passion is growing like crazy, has bloomed a couple of times, and has (had) small blooms coming out on nearly every shoot. but before they get bigger than a quarter of an inch in diameter, they brown and then shrivel up and die. I haven't seen any mites anywhere...i have seen a few brown stink bugs though. could they be doing this? how do I control them? I've tried using ins. soap, but I don't really know what the problem is so I'm not sure how to tackle it. Other than the blooms dying almost immediately, the plant is doing exceptionally well (I have two other passifloras, ruby glow and macrocarpa, and it is outgrowing them more every day). The plant is in-ground. We are in New Orleans, Louisiana. It gets watered regularly. Thanks for your help!

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Yes stink bugs sure do cause that. I have been having the same problems with my p. vines this year-loads of stink bugs then bloom drop. At first I just picked off the stink bugs and threw them in soapy water-they sink like a rock. If there aren't too many ,this could work. But I had too many so I used NEEM on my vines that have edible fruit. You could try a homemade oil/soap spray as well.
If the dew (we have alot of dew here near Erath LA where I live) washes it off, you will need to reapply every other day until you get the prob under control.
For my passies that dont produce edible fruit I used ortho systemic and that flat out took care of the bugs on those vines. Don't use this if you want butterflies to lay eggs on your vines.

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Thanks SJN! They were DEFINITELY the problem. I tried picking them off but when I saw that they had laid eggs I sprayed. None of my passions are fruiting (I have a ruby glow, a blue-eyed susan, and a macrocarpa). I think in the process I killed off my caterpillar population but hopefully they come back and the stinkbugs don't! Again, thanks for your help!

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