Desperate for Peonies in Texas

vuwugarden(Central TX 8b)March 7, 2011

I would like to add peonies to my Central Texas garden, but do not know if they will do well this far south.

Can peonies be grown in Zone 8b, in alkaline soil? Are there any secrets that I should know to promote blooms?

Thank you in advance for answering my post.

In the meantime, I will continue to dream about peonies in the garden...


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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Zones can be misleading. I grow lots of peonies here and if zones were all we needed you could do well with them. Call you local county extension service and ask the average number of cooling hours for where you live. Generally anything over 400 hours and your peonies will do well if you are careful to plant them high in the soil so the buds for next years stems are exposed to air temperatures and not insulated by the soil. Your peonies should bloom consistently ONCE ESTABLISHED which can take up to three years. If you dig compost into your soil before planting and regularly top dress seasonally with compost your soil should not be a problem. Al

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vuwugarden(Central TX 8b)

Thanks, Al, for responding!

My peony roots should be coming in a few weeks. The recommended time to plant peonies is Fall, so should I plant my shipment of peony roots now or save them for Fall planting?

Thanks for the tips....I will also call my extension office today too.

Happy Spring to all!


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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

If your peonies are shipped bare root divisions, I would pot them up and plant them in the fall. If you are getting peonies rooted in pots from four inch pots to one gallon size I would plant them in the garden when received. Your summer sun may be a little strong for plants just out of a greenhouse, and I would provide some shade from midday sun. Al

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I grown a few in Northern California too. I'm near the CA Central Valley so I have 100 degree days in the summer. They really need afternoon shade in that heat. The best recommendation I got was to plant early blooming ones. That way when they bloom our real heat hasn't hit yet. So far, it works for me. I bought both of mine potted so they weren't very young. Some bloom 1st year, good bloom last year in their second year. They're just now putting their noses out of the ground for this year. I'm thinking of adding a third. My best one is Bowl of Beauty.

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I am in Zone 8b in alkaline soil in central CA. I just posted a long message on the thread "peonies for the South "

I totally agree the comment posted by rosecorgis.
My personal favorite is Coral Charm.

Good luck!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

here is something that I fished up about lilacs. I planted a persian lilac but I did not do to well with it 30 yrs ago during my first years as a Texas gardener. But as I said, I am not a very attentive in august kind of gall. I seem to get deadlines in the summer and my garden goes to h_ll in a blink of an eye. I might have taken a trip in August or something. Others have done all right by it

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Lilac for Central Texas.

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I live in Dallas, Tx and have had very good luck with my peonies. Best peony advice I have received: put them in large pots--not in the ground. Peonies need lots of sun in late winter, early spring when roots are growing and eyes are developing here in hot Texas. Once summer comes they can then be relocated to a shady location out of our scorching Texas sun. If in ground, may either receive to much sun to thrive or too little to bloom. They cannot take our Texas full sun in the summer. Also, best to fertalize in February and then no more. This is what I have done and have had great success. Good luck and let me know if this helps.

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