Some of my seedlings

karyn1(7a)June 11, 2007

Here's some of my seedlings that were started this year. There's antioquensis, amethystina, vitifolia, malformis, actinia and caerulea babies. Some have gotten pretty big already. There's one amethystina that I started in Jan that has some more seeds that have just started sprouting near it's base. I'm not sure if they are passies or aristolochias? There's also an alata cutting that I started a couple months ago. I have a ton more cuttings, seedlings and mature plants that still haven't made it into the garden or a good spot on the deck. By the time I figure out what to do with all of them it will be time to bring them in for the winter! lol


PS: Sorry I don't have them labeled or numbered.

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chena(z8 Texas)

You HAVE been busy!!! LOL Your deck looks full...We are having some guys come over and rock the front of the house soo now I have to find some place to put everything thats on the porch ..The porch wraps the front and side of the house...I just started 6 flats of 4" pots 2 are Passi's.. The P. Mollissima greminated in just 5 days... WOO HOO.. Still waiting with fingers crossed on the rest...
BTW.. Everything looks great very healthy...

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Karyn, I'm still unable to identify some of my seedlings, what is that in the 2nd and 7th picture? looks familiar!

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The second pic is an actinia on the left and a malformis on the right. The seedlings in the 7th pic are older actinia seddlings.

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Thanks, looks like I'll never find out what they are... The fruit I took the seeds from was qute big.

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