One week earlier than last year.

jimhardyFebruary 25, 2012

We'll just have to see how it works out.....

I uncovered the other Trachys(Nainital,Waggie,2010

trunk cut Fortunei),they saw worse last year before they were

covered and these are all without damage.

I love having my Nainital can actually

see this one is a palm from the road-LOL

Thinking I will keep the mulch like this(until it's hot),this way all the palms

can be watered at once.

Trunk cut Fortunei in front,2 S.louisiana and a Waggie

that was trimmed by the lazy person who covered it-

in interest in these drops a little right

around the time I usually need to cover them.

Not a good combination-but hey,I do have a lot to cover(-;

trunk cut Fortunei

Love the blue color on S.Brazoria

My poor little Tesan-

I am looking for a great year from this one.

They actually grow quite fast but this one has pulled like

6 times in 2 1/2 years for various reasons...some already know why )-:

Waggie is tougher this year (-:

This S.McCurtain(little Larrick)was planted a few days ago 0:


Man these grow fast,even with spear-pull 3 years in a row

this thing still has leaves all the way to the ground.

I thought about leaving a skirt but I don't think it's a good idea in this climate-not to mention.

Not bad soil temps for just being uncovered.

Princeps pulled last november but is holding firm and the

last leaf it put out is still healthy,which means rot has not spread and the plant is healthy.

Baby Takil.................... Butia and Washys still covered.

Bonus pic-my new baby agave.....Agave Medio Picta.

If anyone is growing-I would love to see some pics!

This is(IMO)one of the most beautiful Agaves period

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IA must be zone 5 or 6, so I expect there is more cold to come this winter.

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That is an awesome collection. Do you have a way to cover the palms, in case the weather turns very cold or very wet and cold? I like to get the protection off too and start the growing season as soon as possible.

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I can recover everything in less than an hour as all the protetcion/covers are still very near and not put away yet!

It's more about the precip this time of year and the temps right after...we usually warm up pretty fast after the initial cold.

Not worried about the Sabals and Needles as they should be o.k. from here on out....
if they are not then.................what.

So,I basically need to just cover the crowns of the Trachys
if any rain/snow etc,occurs and is followed by anything below 20F or not at least near 40F the next day.

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Jim, do you amend your soil with anything or just plant with the natural soil? What type of soil do you have? You seem to get some good growth out of your palms.

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Spring is definitely on its way. End of meteorological winter is just 2 days away! All your plants are coming out of winter really well and I think its going to be another great growing season (or at least I'm hoping!). The palms are getting a lot of size on them and I definitely will be looking for some room for a Nanital this spring because they seem to be really fast growing trachys!
The 40s are being replaced by 50s and before you know it it will be in the 80s and 90s again! I cant wait until summer.
Thanks for sharing!

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The center area where the Cactus cover is was covered
by a huge Yew bush for decades.

From all the falling leaves the soil is pretty black with organic matter but has clay at is base.

I want to use more organic stuff this year,Manure,Compost etc.


Our forecast has really changed the last 2 day near40F
for a high but lot;s of 50s and 60s coming up,if it pans out.

The only problem I see with the palms now(or was 2 days ago)
is protecting them from moisture if a night of 20F or less is forecast....that has changed now.

I will take some pics of the little covers I made for a few Trachys....these are basically just a scaled down version
of the former protection that is cheap and easy to make but is only for keeping rain/snow off..

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