christie_sw_mo(Z6)November 2, 2006

I planted my first aster this year, 'Purple Dome', but it bloomed later than I expected. The color was pretty but the butterflies were gone by the time it started blooming, around the end of September I think, and that's why I bought it. Hoping next year it might start blooming a little earlier. Does anyone else have asters? Is it typical for them to bloom so late?

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christie, I have three Purple Domes and mine have already finished blooming. They are quite late and this year were later than normal...due, I'm sure to our weird weather. Asters are very late, but I think yours will settle in this year and bloom at the normal time for them next year. I also have Raydon's favorite that is blooming now. It is much larger and a beautiful soft blue. I need to divide it next year and take better care of it. I didn't water the end of the garden where it is and it shows it this year.

I saw a white native aster in the field yesterday while we were trimming fence rows....I may try to remove it to the house. It was just covered with tiny white blooms.

I plan to take some pictures out back today and may post a few.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

All i've got are the wild ones and they really bloomed thick this year. Would love to see your pictures gldno1.
My goldenrod really took off blooming earlier too. It looked yellow everywhere.

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Is your Purple Dome still blooming GLD? Would love to see a pic. Mine was very small when I bought it at the Master Gardener sale this spring. They had some other asters too but I wasn't familiar with the names. I have some seeds for a native aster that I need to plant. I am planning to winter sow them.

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Do you have Honey bees visiting the Asters? They are swarming about my native species by the hundreds! I had not noticed that until this year. Maybe the scouts have just located them.

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I haven't noticed any honeybees on mine. Does someone near you keep honeybees or do you think they're wild?

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I must assume that they have escaped from a beekeeper's hive recently, but I know of none in the area, which has become urbanized during the 40+ years I've lived here. All of the local wild bee populations have been exterminated since the 1980's, primarily by the Kashmir bee virus, spread by varroa and tracheal mites.
In any case, I am happy to see them, because, during tha past 20 years or so, the sighting of a Honey bee was a rarity!

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