Just received a Van Bourgondien catalogue

ryseryse_2004March 13, 2013

And was thrilled to find affordable tree peonies at an affordable price with $50 off a $100.00 order!!!! I immediately started (trying) to order the tree peonies only to find that they were out of all of them. What????

I have to wonder if that was just a come-on to get people to place an order for other things. Very disappointing. Anyway, I would rather have one Itoh than the tree peonies so ordered one on Ebay that was $29.00. (That is affordable for me --- just hope it isn't the size of my little finger!)

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If you order from MACAO2000 who should be the cheapest one, you should be able to contact him directly to buy from him, and get a lower price on multiple itoh peonies. Ebay takes a huge percentage of the sellers profits so it's much better to buy directly from the seller.

Here are some pictures of what I ordered from that eBay seller.

Here is a link that might be useful: Size of itoh peonies

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How do I do that? In order to get hold of the seller, I have to go through EBay. Do you have his email address? If so, I would appreciate it if you would email it to me. Thanks so much for your help and pictures!

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You have to ask for his email or phone number through eBay, and there is a function on eBay where you can ask the seller a question.

If I had more itohs, I could probably get you some tubers, but I want mine to start flowering as soon as possible so I'm letting them grow.

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Thanks Steve -- you are very helpful. How long from the size roots you bought until you will have flowers? BTW, I got my 'Bartzella' today from another Ebay seller and it was a potted plant. It looks healthy and is a fairly good size so I am excited! I'm assuming I should just leave it in the pot for awhile at least until the ground isn't frozen.

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If I did not split them up when I got them, I would be getting flowers this year, but some of my divisions are producing 5-7 sprouts this spring so I might still get flowers. These do grow faster than both herbaceous and tree peonies.

If you don't mind it, I would suggest keeping your itoh peony potted for the first year, and don't plant it out until the following spring. This will allow it to have a more controlled environment as they are vulnerable to droughts.

Sometimes the local nurseries have the large monrovia itoh peonies available, but they are usually 75$ each. If you happen to see those on sale, you could probably pick some up.

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