I just heard on the news

jspeachyn5November 21, 2008

I jsut heard them say that the empire electric has opened a new building to handle the new crews.

They have hired crews to help with trees etc to help prevent all the damage recived from the last ice storms.


On one hand I'm very glad to see they have finally decided to step up and do something about these problems.

Oh the other hand... why wait until this late in the year to start??

An on a third hand (didn't know I had one?) they just now are getting around to cleaning up some of the downed trees etc from what they cut down to turn the power back on last time.

Oh well I will just be glad and try to keep the grrrr down to a purrrr.

I just say this because we still have 3 limbs that are damaged from last storm that are just hanging on by a breath just above the power line that runs behind my house.

So you know mine is going out first thing. : )

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Sounds like they're finally getting their act together. You sure have had to wait a long time. I would call them and remind them that you have hanging limbs over your power lines if you haven't already. If we get a little ice, you're going to be without power again.

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I have that in bold letters at top of my to do list for monday a.m. I just heard it on the news last evening so they will be closed until then.
Or will they... I may try to cll today. All that can happen is they don't answer.

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