Variegated Passiflora membranacea

mark4321_gwJune 24, 2010

I just noticed an auction on Ebay for variegated P. membranacea. Does anyone know if this variety is for real?

I thought I had heard that there was a question as to whether this was for real. Perhaps someone knows the story behind this.

I'm pretty sure I remember that the Ebay seller Strange Wonderful Things had an entry for variegated P. membranacea on his list of plants. Now it is missing--again assuming my initial memory is correct.

My P. membranacea gets what has been mistaken for variegation, however I've been told it's chlorosis. However, the pictures provided by the Ebay seller certainly "look" like variegation to me. And of course variegation is common among Decalobas.

Anyone know the story here? Presumably a second strain could be used to get fruit from the Strybing strain that most of us have. P. membranacea is self-sterile, and I've only heard of one person who has been able to self pollinate the plant.

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I just looked and didn't see the auction. Can you link it?

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Hi Karyn,

I searched for membranacea, variegated passiflora and checked the seller and I found no listing either current or completed. It must have been pulled. The seller is someone who sells interesting things but whom I've never bought from. I'll email you with their name.

If anyone knows the story behind this plant I'm still curious.

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I suspect it will look as per the link below with a light silver variegation along the main veins. Just a normal species variation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora membranacea

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I am curious if the seller "knows" or "thinks" this is P. membranacea. At Strybing, there is one large vine that looks exactly like it, but with variegation. The tag states: "Passiflora species". I have always thought it was likely a sport of P. membranacea, but in the years I have been going to Strybing, I have yet to ever see it bloom, or even set bracts and buds, which would obviously be enough to know for sure.

So... I guess my point is that this Ebay seller may have had the same assumption that I have. Right or wrong, it is likely that no one will ever know, since if it won't bloom as a 50 foot vine in SF, it will likely never bloom for anyone...

My $.02


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I wrote to the Ebay seller Strange Wonderful Things (, who was nice enough to explain the situation completely:

"I got my "variegated Membranacea" a few years ago from Strybing, who labeled it as such. But Carlos there told me last year that it's not Membranacea. Which kind of makes sense, because the leaves never get almost-round like Membranacea; they retain their lobes. I think Don Mahoney said it was from Guatemalan seed. I had a page on the plant on my website, but i took it down until i find out more. No one has seen the blooms yet. I think Strybing's plants are in too much shade to bloom."

Perhaps this is the same plant that Eric mentioned above.

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The auction returned and just ended. The plant went for $28.53.

Here is a link that might be useful: Completed Ebay auction for

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daveh_sf(San Francisco)

Here's photos of the plant at Strybing. It's never flowered.

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If it hasn't flowered are they sure it's really a P. membranacea? The foliage shape doesn't look right and forget the variegation the color doesn't look right either.

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I thought I should follow up, in case someone runs across this thread. The plants are blooming and fruiting like crazy at Strybing. They are without question P. membranacea. I've started a new thread.

These are huge plants, blooming way up in the trees:

Here is a link that might be useful: New thread on variegated P. membranacea

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