Purchases or trades for spring

bunny6(7 AR)November 12, 2008

Are you already buying or trading for plants or seeds for spring? It is only Nov., but I have already bought seeds and few plants. What have you bought or traded for.

Seeds I have bought:

Canna "Marabout"

Pitcher plants

Mexican Fan Palm

Butterfly bush "Summer Lilac"

Cup and Saucer plant

Begonia "Cocktail mix"

Begonia "Nonstop"

Plants: Julia Child rose, Westerland climbing rose (delivered in spring)

free in spring: Musa Basjoo (banana plant)

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You are going to love Westerland! Be sure to give it lots of room. Mine is just two years old and doesn't get full sun and it it huge, maybe 6x5. No telling what it will do for you down south. I love it.

I have bought some seeds for next year and am ordering a few more today:

zinnia, melampodium, red larkspur, flax, tithonia Torch, Rudbeckia Prairie Glow, Cosmos, four o'clocks,
Heavenly Blue morning glory and Rosita and white sweet rocket.

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gldno1, I you want.
I have red and yellow 4 o'clocks seed if you want them. I harvested 2 baby food jars of them.
I also have a lavender cosmos. I will have to fook at file for name it is not in my head.
It sound like all of you are getting ready for spring or winter sowing.

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bunny6(7 AR)

Gldno-I have a 8x6 foot trellis to put Westerland next to. Did yours bloom all season? This one will barely get 6 or 7 hours of sun per day. You will love Heavenly Blue morning glories. I use to grow them. They were beautiful. They reseeded every year

Bonnie-wish I had room for your four o'clocks. I grew them one year and really liked them:)

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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

gldno1- I have harvested more zinnias, tithonia Torch, and tall orange cosmos this fall than I'll ever be able to grow. Email me your address and I'll be more than happy to get some in the mail to you. All are hummingbird and butterfly magnets.


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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

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RE: Purchases or trades for spring
Posted by pamcrews 6 SW Missouri (My Page) on Sat, Nov 15, 08 at 10:18

Hi Bunny....do you grow that Musa Basjoo in a pot and then winter over? I grew banana plants when I lived in Hawaii and some got about 15 feet tall. My favorite was the apple bananas as they were sweeter when eaten. I had one plant that completely wrapped around a sprinkler and hubby had to dig up the whole system to get the sprinkler head out of the center of the plant. We landscaped the place we rented and in three years we had banana plants, cannas, ferns and ginger everywhere. While it looked very tropical it became a chore to keep up with but I loved it. Before we moved we tried to remove and give away as much as we could as the banana plants would grow under the fence and lift it out of the ground. While the landlords loved us for taking such good care of the property I also wondered if their opinion changed after we left and they were left to deal with my landscaping trial and errors.
If you are starting anytype of a "reserve list" please add my name. I would gladly pay you postage or work out a trade for a pup or two.


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Sorry, girls. I didn't make my post very clear. Those are the seeds I already ordered and have....Thanks for the offers though.

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bunny6(7 AR)

I haven't gotten my Musa Basjoo yet. A man is going to give me a little one in the spring (one of his pups). He lives in Little Rock. I plan to grow a tropical garden this year for the first time. I plan to use EE, Palms and some annuals to out line around it. It sounds like you had a very nice garden in Hawaii. I expect this garden will take up alot of my time water and fertilizing. If I ever get any pups, I will keep you in mind:)

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I've been trading vegetable seeds. But I got some bamboos last year, and was happy to see that they lived through the winter and seemed happy enough in their new environment. I hope to use them for trellis material for the vegetable garden when they get bigger. Of the two kinds I planted, one gets to be 2" diameter and about 20' tall, and the other should be 5" diameter and who knows how tall. I hope it doesn't take too many years to mature.

My four o'clocks reseeded from the year before, and I expect they will again next year. I grow flowers around a small pond in the vegetable garden to attract beneficial insects.

I bought and planted a Peace rose last June for my wife - I promised her a rose garden, and it's coming along nicely. I forget the names of the other roses, but they are red and long-stemmed, and I make her bouquets with them. When it's flowering, I also use the Bridal Wreath spirea for its small white flowers as a contrast to the roses. I hope to plant a few more roses next spring

I used to live in Conway, which is near Little Rock, and was always amazed how much easier it was to grow tropicals outdoors in LR. I am convinced it is because all the concrete there acts as a heat sink.

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